Dancing like no one is watching…

I had more than the usual giggle at Middle Aged Mama’s post last Thursday – the one about where a middle-aged mama can go to dance.

I giggled because it was only the previous day that I’d said to one of the ladies at belly dancing just how much I was enjoying dancing again – even though I know that I’m pretty crap at it.

The thing is, aside from a flirtation 10 years (and 15 kilos) ago with belly dancing, I’ve never taken a dance class. I spent most of my childhood in country NSW where such things didn’t exist – and my mother was absolutely not a “dance mom”. In fact, I grew up knowing that I was about as graceless as a fairy bus horse. I think it’s something like a clodhopper, but don’t quote me on that. Let’s just say that I’m no Countdown dancer…can anyone else remember them?

Despite these early set-backs, I’ve always loved letting loose on a dance floor at weddings, parties and anything – the daggier the music, the better. And, I have been known to do the “Mamma Mia” in any situation involving alcohol and Abba.

These days though, weddings are a rarity, and, aside from a few 50th of some frivolity (you know who you are), parties with music and dancing are a rarity. And the last time I set foot in a club where there was music playing, I raised the average age by about 30 years.

So, what’s a girl to do?

No Lights, No Lycra. That’s what.

It is exactly what it says it is on the tin. It’s dancing in the dark with loud music, no alcohol, no judgement, no teacher, no steps, no technique, and no uncomfortable shoes. And it’s awesome fun. As a bonus, it’s a fabulous work-out.

Without lights it doesn’t matter how old, fat, young, or gorgeous you are. Nor does it matter how bad your dance moves are and whether you’re jumping around the floor like a loon, doing way too many scoop steps, are punching your way through Eye of The Tiger as if you were in a Body Combat class (and I haven’t done one of them for a long while either) or have forgotten the Macarena. The music is turned up and you just go for it.

Just how dark is it? Very dark indeed. Almost completely blacked out. You can see the shadowy outline of the person dancing closest to you, and that is all. Where I went (Mountain Creek State School) there is plenty of room to jump and jive.

And the music? A mix of old and new, with just enough daggy pop to keep me happy – my personal favourite was a little Erovision with Gina G, although the biggest cheer of the night went to Taco’s “Putting On The Ritz.”

I still don’t know many people up here, so I took a deep breath and went on my own – and loved it. With the music so loud, and the lights so off, you’re dancing on your own anyway – this isn’t a talk fest.

No Lights No Lycra started in Melbourne back in 2009 and has now spread throughout Australia, into New Zealand and further afield. It’s appeal is in it’s simplicity and it’s inclusivity. All you need is something you’re comfortable to dance in, and a water bottle (trust me, you sweat!), and you’re ready to lose yourself in the music and leave the stresses of your week behind.

If you want to know more about No Lights No Lycra – or find a session near you, check out their website…and then go!

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, NLNL is on Thursday nights at Mountain Creek State School from 7pm – 8pm. Entry is $7.

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  1. I tried this locally when it started up late last year. Sadly it fizzled out – combo of the location and lack of promotion and the music I suspect. I loved it and thought I would feel self-conscious but I didn’t at all! I’m really hoping sometime starts it up again.

  2. I love that you went to this dance on your own. You are a lot more “out there” than me! Although in concept I like the idea of “dancing in the dark”, I could imagine what my husband would think it I attended. He would think I was completely crazy! Thanks for sharing this with us Jo and good on you for taking the leap into the unknown. #TeamLovinLife

  3. Oh I’d love to do that Jo and wonder if there is one in Brisbane. I love dancing but alas the opportunities are fewer these days. I’m going to check this out! Thanks!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Apparently there’s one in West End? Let me know if you do find one – I’d love to know what you think…

  4. OMG I had never heard of this! I see there is one at West End in Brisbane. Hmmm….wonder what girlfriend could be dragged along with me. I always used to love to dance (I am not a good dancer) … just the release and endorphins you get from it – so good for stress releif! There’s also the fact that I really do love music. I never get to dance anymore and would be embarassed in the light of day or in the light of night! But in the dark … well try stopping me! haha #TeamLovinLife

  5. I was so excited to learn we have NLNL in Brisbane, after my post last week (thanks for the shout out, by the way!). But it’s at West End which is a bit of a drive for me – about 40 mins – so don’t know when I’ll get there, but it does sound like a lot of fun and I could certainly do with more exercise in my days …

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