And that’s a wrap: October…

Mooloolaba Beach
Mooloolaba Beach

Wow, October is done and dusted. How did that happen? And a big month it was…although, if at all possible, November promises to be even bigger!

Anyways, here’s October in all its glory…and in no particular order…

Where I spent a romantic weekend…


At Bannister’s Pavillion in Mollymook.


Where I spent a productive weekend…


At Mooloolaba.

Where I ate the meal of the month…


Rick Stein, at Bannister’s. It was every bit as fabulous as I’d hoped it would be, and a lot less posh than I feared it would be.


Where I drank the cocktail of the month…


Again at Bannister’s. A negroni, in case you’re interested… One at the Pavillion, and one by the sea.


What thrilled me…


Seeing whales breach just off the coast from this spot – the polar at Bannister’s by the Sea.

Where we ate the best breakfast of the month


The best spot for brekky was just here at Bannister’s Pavillion overlooking the pool.


Where we ate the best lunch of the month…

On the top deck at the fisho’s on the Spit at Mooloolaba…with these prawns.


What I re-discovered…

Fagan Park at Galston.

Fagan Park

Where I day-tripped…

We managed to fit in a quick drive-by to Canberra to catch up with the hubster’s mother….and pick up some olive oil in the process.

Fedra Olive Groves
Fedra Olive Groves

What I committed to…

A 30 in 30 challenge. 30 posts and 30 photographs for the 30 days up to November 13…and 30 mins exercise a day. How am I going with that? Pretty well, actually…


What I booked…

Airfares to Vietnam in March/April as part of my #FFF Festival of being Flipping Fifty…or Flipping Fabulous at Fifty…or…you get the idea

Where I walked…


Mollymook, Mooloolaba, Windsor Rd. Wherever and whenever I could. I’m the person with the backpack walking home from Castle Towers a few times a week. I’ll be the slowest person on the Milford Track come November – but on the upside, I’ll also get my money’s worth! I’ve now done good distances, but am lacking on hills and off-road and am still 20kgs heavier than I would have liked to be. Such is life, I suppose. Having said that, 5 days away from technology and decisions and the noise in my head is exactly what I need. I can’t wait.

What I watched…

My garden grow.


What I’m proud of…

Wish You Were Here. It’s the hardest write I’ve had, different to my previous books and settings, and a long time in the release, but I’m proud of it. More to the point, it’s somehow been so reflective of the personal themes I’ve dealt with this year.


How I rewarded myself…

By splurging on a Ted Baker passport wallet (on sale) and a Jo Malone candle. Because I’m worth it.


What I’ve craved…


Dumplings and Hainanese chicken…and I’ve indulged both this month – which possibly goes a long way to explaining why I’m still 20kgs heavier than I want to be.


What I tried for the first time…

The night noodle markets in Hyde Park.



What I wish I’d done…

Made a dent on that 20kgs…and a few other 2016 goals

Where I farmer’s marketed…

Kawana Waters – on the Sunshine Coast.


Where I wine tasted…


Yep, I know that one’s a trick question…in this case the correct answer was Cupitt’s at Ulladulla.


What I did that I never ever in a million years thought I ‘d do…

Hired a magician for a work thingie. The theme our team had was all about reality being an illusion and perception just an appearance of reality. Anyways, we’d seen this guy do a few tricks down at the Opera Bar one Friday night and thought ‘why not?’ He was perfect, so if you’re in the market for a magic man, check out dare2trick. (And he’s also quite cute just don’t tell him I said that…)


One of our colleagues made these sliders as part of the food offering- although they weren’t really sliders – they were cakes made to look like sliders. Tricky, hey?

What I admired…

Other people’s roses.



What I de-cluttered…

So so so much. I sold this sideboard the other day and now have all the contents of it on our lounge room floor and dining table. I sold all remnants of previous art and craft hobbies, and have identified someone who will collect my surplus books for charity sales, and another someone to look at my vintage china. Fingers crossed.


What I’m looking forward to…


No wonder I’m exhausted. What are your highs and lows for the month?

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  1. Many great memories here, Jo! I lived in the Hills from 1978 until we moved in 2015 to the Central Coast. Our kids and grandkids are still back there. I know Castle Towers well ( even before it was CT!) ..mind you, I haven’t really been back for a year as the drive, the crazy traffic and the OH SO many roadworks and developments are the reason we moved!! Thanks for linking up for Life This Week. Denyse

  2. Wow you have had a big month! Highs of October were signing up a couple of new clients, and having an article published on Huffington Post, and Miss Almost 20 started a new job as a legal secretary which she is liking so far! Lows … can’t really think of any, happily x

  3. Some pretty serious highs… can’t wait to hear about your plans for Bali…check out my Bali category on the blog. What a fabulous place to hit a milestone. Thanks for dropping by.

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