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It’s the hubster’s birthday today. That means that it’s 2 months until Boxing Day…and 2 months and almost a week until New Years Eve. How can that possibly be right?

I normally look forward to Christmas (although hate how early the decorations go up in the shops), but this year the day will be different- a large part of our normal has changed during the year and new routines need to be discovered. A lot of our normal has changed this year.

Although it’s too early to do an official wrap-up of the year, it’s too late now to achieve everything I was going to achieve this year. It’s easy to say that life got in the way, but man, did life get in the way!

I was intending on publishing 2 novels and an astro ebook. Yep, hasn’t happened (although heads up, Wish You Were Here will be available for a special introductory price from tomorrow…I’ll tell you about that separately…).

I was going to lose 20kgs. Nope. Haven’t done that either…although, I have lost and re-gained the same 5 kilos three times. Does that count?

This year has been the most consistently stressful of any I’ve known- recently. There’s been tears, anxiety, work stresses, anxiety, rocketing blood pressure, anxiety…you get the idea. It’s no wonder really, that the extras haven’t happened. Holding everything together has been tough enough. The thing is, though, it’s all happened for a reason- as these things tend to do.

In between the madness has been some seriously great stuff. First up, I’ve done enough travel to keep even me satisfied.

There were mini breaks in Lake Crackenback (Easter), Wellington (April), Melbourne (June), Eucumbene (August), Mollymook (October) and Mooloolaba (October). We had 2 weeks in Bali in May, and a week in Mooloolaba in July. There’s still Queenstown (for Milford Track) and Mansfield (to visit Craig’s Hut) to come in November.

I wrote and rewrote Wish You Were Here more times than I care to remember. I’ve posted 76 times on this site, posted 120 pieces on the astro site and created a brand new site for all my author and book related news – joannetracey.com.

In between that I juggled what has been the most work stress in my entire career until I finished at my last partition job in July, and, after a week off started a new one – where I’m only working 4 days a week, but spend 3 hours a day commuting. Is it any wonder I’m tired?

In any case, as Debbish reminded me the other day, there’s still 2 months and almost a week to get stuff done. Although something tells me I’ve left my run too late to get rid of the whole 20 kilos. Maybe I can play about with that first 5kgs some more?

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  2. Thanks for the shout-out and yes…. that’s (I can’t be bothered checking how many) days and hours until Christmas! I’m determined to end the year with a bang. And not a whimper as per usual!

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