Sugarpine Walk

There’s this saying about how often you don’t see the forest for the trees – or is that the other way around? In any case it’s about not missing the big picture.

This month I’ll be seeing lots of trees – photographically speaking, that is. I’m linking up with Becky B and her squares challenge. July is all about trees (in a square format) and given that it’s been a while since I did a blogging challenge I thought, “why not?” Besides, I do take rather a lot of photos of trees.

I am, however, a couple of days late (it was a big few days in the office) so days one and two are here.

These trees are the sugar pines not far out of Tumbarumba in southern NSW. Sadly they were destroyed as a result of the 2020 bushfires, but they live on in memories.

Author: Jo

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  1. I love trees Jo and always imagine the stories they could tell. Your photos are stunning especially the second one. Just beautiful. Thanks for brightening up a dreary Saturday morning here on the GC. Have a lovely weekend.x

  2. Magnificent! The opening image is quite spectacular. Looking forward to lots and lots of trees here. And on Becky’s #TreeSquares

  3. Such lovely memories of Sugar Pine Walk Jo, I miss it so much. Your photos are beautiful and it’s still so sad to drive by and see the emptiness and blankness of where they once stood so proudly. Absolutely devastating!
    I’m glad you are joining in too and look forward to your photos. I’m sure I’ll be sharing at least one from Sugar Pine walk as well during the month!

  4. Welcome to Squares, and what a fabulous start. Loving both these pictures, although sad at what happened to those in the second. Looking forward to seeing more #TreeSquares from you

  5. I am with you on this, Jo. I am not sure about the order of the forest/trees saying. I extra love the sugar pines photo. Sad, how they were destroyed. Your photos are beautiful!

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