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I’m linking up with Becky’s Squares for the month of July and posting photos of trees…in a square format. In fact, that’s the only rule for this tree challenge – that the pics must be square.

I’m running behind, so here’s days 3 and 4. The first of these was taken at Lake Mackenzie on Fraser Island.

Lake Mackenzie is a perch lake – so called because the lake is “perched” on top of a sand dune. There’s no water source into or out of the lake – it exists purely on rainfall.

The water is held in place by a waterproof lining of decayed plant matter that has settled over many thousands of years. What’s even more fascinating is that there are only 80 or so of these perch lakes on the planet – and 42 of them are on Fraser Island.

The water is slightly acidic and the sand is white. It’s so clear that you can easily see the colour gradients as the depth increases. The sand is so pure and fine you can clean your jewellery with it – or exfoliate yourself.

As for the kookaburra – this one was taken at Central Station on Fraser Island. It’s an old logging camp in a rainforest and this fella was just sitting there posing.

Becky’s Squares and the July Challenge

I’m new to the Becky’s Squares themes, but it’s a tad timely as I go searching for my lost creative mojo and also an excuse to trawl back through old pics (and crop them into squares).

The idea is to post a pic a day – not sure whether I’ll do that…but then again. If you get bored, simply skim by – I won’t be offended…this is all about amusing myself. Anyways, here’s a link to Becky’s post today.

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  1. I love your day 3 and 4, and at a place I never quite managed to get to as I ran out of time. One of these days I hope to be back though. So glad you are joining us for Squares, and no worries about popping in and out occasionally. Many squarers do that!

  2. That kookaburra is a dapper fellow. Not sure I’ve ever seen one before…in photo. I know I’ve never seen one in real life. Thank you for introducing us!!

    Have never heard of a perch lake. It sure wouldn’t last long here!! That tree looks like something out of Lord of the Rings or a fairy tale…with its interesting above ground web of roots. Bet it has some magical powers!!

    1. I adore the kookas and still love seeing them on a fence, on the clothesline, in a tree. Such majestic birds & always the last call at night after the sun is down.

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