That’s a wrap: Week 8


Where do I start?

Last weekend was a bit of a blur of farewell parties. At the same time as pretending not to feel sad about leaving, I’m grateful that I have people in my life that I am genuinely sad to be saying goodbye to (for now).

There’s more of the same this weekend, so I suspect my liver will need a rest by the time I move!

What else? Hubby and daughter drove up on Tuesday/ Wednesday and are now settled into the beachside apartment that will be their home for the next 4 weeks – yes, 4 weeks today we move in to this place.


I’m finding it seriously quiet without them and – don’t tell them this part – I do miss the noise. Hubby and I have always shared the household load (although he won’t clean bathrooms and I won’t mow lawns or clean pools) so it’s also a shock to my pampered system to be doing everything. Yes, I know how lucky I am.

Anyways, enough idle chatter – let’s wrap this week up:

Where I visited…


The Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour. I’ll pop up a lot more pics tomorrow, but this really is a little place of peace and calm in the middle of the bustle. And all for $6 entry. Bargain.

Where I ate…


It’s no secret that I love my hainanese chicken – and I’m conscious of the fact that I’ll have problems getting a really good one on the sunny coast. To satisfy the craving in advance, I dropped in at Hawker. They do a fabulous hainanese chicken – possibly one of the best in Sydney (although Temasek in Parramatta would have to be up there too).


I splurged and had a serve of popiah too.


What I cooked…

First an admission – I failed Nigella when my chocolate pav failed for the very first time on Saturday. Instead our guests got an orange and cardamom cake. No one was heard to complain.


I redeemed myself on Sunday with the perfect lemon pav. Our guests were lactose intolerant and had nut allergies, so I served it without the almonds and with the (lactose free) cream and (real) cream on the side. Yes, it looks very messy in the pic…


What amazed me…

The size of the hailstones on Saturday afternoon…


What I instamarked…

Sunrises and sunsets


The usual array of travel inspo


Some Vietnam inspo for our holiday in Vietnam – just 5 weeks away.


My sad excitement of the week…

Having my Midsomer related tweet responded to by DI Ben Jones.


My word of the week…


the freedom of being alone, the ability to do what you want.

My other word of the week…


It’s Finnish and roughly translates to drinking at home in your underwear with no intention of going out.

In fact, on that note…it must be almost wine o’clock…

How was your week?

Author: Jo

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