One of the reasons I love to travel in Asia is the street food.

When we’re away, we go away with a list of great restaurants manned by well known chefs…and end up at the hawker stall around the corner.

It’s not necessarily a cost thing- although, obviously, sometimes that comes into it…it’s more a cultural thing. When we travel we want to get below the surface, so to speak, and going where the locals go is a way of doing just that.

It’s the memory of the hawker stalls, the street food (or their equivalent), that brings back the taste of a place when you’re on the other side of the world.

Mamak, Hawker’s sister restaurant in Goulburn street, is always busy, with queues down the street at all times of the day. Given that I love Malaysian food, but don’t do the queueing thing, when Hawker Malaysian Street Food opened, I was excited.



The occasion

A quick lunch with hubby after dropping my parents off at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

What we ate

I went for the KL Hokkien Mee.

I usually avoid black food, but this isn’t as intense as it looks. The little chunks of crispy pork fat, pork slices and prawns make digging through the darkly aromatic sauce well worth the effort.


Hubby ordered the Har Mee- egg noodles and vermicelli in a spicy prawn soup with prawns, pork slices, hard boiled egg and bean sprouts.


We ended up splitting the two- in true hawker style.

The vibe


Bright, big, noisy, great pics, and simple wooden decor.



On the corner of Liverpool and Sussex- where Regal Restaurant used to be. Man, I still miss yum cha there!


The Cost

Most dishes are around $12. Malaysian drinks are all around $4.

I would have liked…

a beer.

Will we be back?

Hell yeah! I need to taste that assam laksa and some of the popiah and other snacks we watched them making out front.


Author: Jo

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