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Because it’s Thursday and I like to link up with the loving’ life crew, I had something scheduled about what fashion looks like at 50. Here’s a #spoileralert – whatever you damn well want it to look like.

Then I figured that I’ve written a few ranty posts lately and I really couldn’t be faffed publishing another one. So, instead, I’ll tell you about a hidden gem of a lunch place that won’t be hidden once I tell you about it.


Echo on the Marina.

It’s in Roseville and sort of under the Roseville Bridge. Sort of. Not that you can see the bridge – or even know that it’s there, but geographically, that’s where it is. Roseville Chase, I think they call it. Anyways, once you’re there you can forget you’re in Sydney. Instead, there’s trees and water and birds and wildlife.

Wildlife? When we pulled up, we’d been singing along to Goanna’s Solid Rock on the radio, and there right in front of us was a goanna. I kid you not. A huge one. I’m not great with measurements, but if it was a fish and I was a fisherman, my arms would be wide and I’d be saying ‘Seriously mate, it was this long! No word of a lie.’ It was that long.

If you look carefully in the tree you can see it. Trust me, the photo doesn’t do it justice.


The cafe is on the marina, so on a hot day it’s a gorgeous place to be. Somehow all that blue makes you feel cooler.

What’s for eating? The usual cafe fare. Like Cottage Point, it’s a little more expensive than your local – mainly because of the accessibility issue – but the food and the location is so good you won’t care that much. I had the saffron seafood linguine. It was yellow, but not as yellow as the pic makes it look – that yellow was reflected from the shades…and the plate. It was yellow on yellow on yellow. Just saying.


Getting there…

You’ll need to drive. Or have someone drive you.

Pet Friendly?

For well mannered pooches on leads.


No. It’s fully licensed.

Do they take bookings?

A good question in this town where apparently it’s a good thing to have people queuing in the heat because apparently it makes them feel popular. Did that come out loud? Yes, Echo takes bookings and yes, it’s advisable on a weekend.


There are lots of stairs down…which means lots of stairs back up. That wasn’t in the brochure. If, however, you genuinely have accessibility issues with stairs and aren’t just feeling lazy (as I was) there is a lift of sorts to get you down and then back up.


More information…

The link to the website is here. Check it out – just don’t tell too many people…it can be our secret for a little while longer.


It’s Thursday so I’m linking up with the Loving’ Life crew via Debbish.


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  1. Great views and it looks gorgeous. I’m less enthused about the stairs, but guess that’s justification to eat more… walking if off before and after!

    Oh and I don’t mind ranty posts!!!

  2. Oh I do so miss Sydney for its pretty little nooks and crannies, such as this one. I’ll have to put it on my “must visit” list for our next trip to Sydney town 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  3. Looks like an awesome place to have lunch. When my sister lived there we mostly ate at places around Balgowlah, Manly, Dee Why and in at Circular Quay! Such pretty spots in Sydney! #TeamLovinLife

    1. We’re in the Hills so not exactly spoilt for choice- although it’s much better than it used to be! I love how everyone you talk to has a favorite you’ve never heard of… yet….

  4. You’ve won me over. I love a lunch with a view and bonus wildlife! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

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