It’s a Wrap: Week 6, 2017


Here we go again…another Saturday, another open home.

During the week, I was able to tell you that we’ve found somewhere to live. It’s in Buderim and just 4 minutes drive to Uni and 10 mins to Mooloolaba Beach.

It ticks all our boxes – except for the walk to the beach one – which was out of our price range. We all fell in love on the spot. I can’t wait to show you around.

Tomorrow we’re doing a farewell party for my extended family. Next weekend we have more goodbye thingies and following that hubby and Miss T will be moving. I’m still not sure when I’ll be following for good, but no doubt that will work itself out. Besides, it gives me more time to say more of my goodbyes.

I’m more of a hello than a goodbye person, but the thing about goodbyes is they give you an excuse or a reason for a hello – so that can’t be all bad, right?


Ok, let’s wrap this week up:

Where I lunched…

The Newport at, wait for it, Newport.

I popped a post up this morning. You’ll find it here.

We also managed yum cha at our fave local purveyor of dumplings and all things dim sum. Note to self: must find decent yum cha on the Sunshine Coast.


What I found in a fortune cookie…

This year will be fruitful...yes please!


What I’m looking forward to…

A final dinner at The Malaya tonight. It’s one of our favourite Sydney places to eat, and we can’t move north without going there one last time.

What I cooked…

Nothing. It’s too flipping HOT!!!!! I will, however, be popping a chocolate pav into the oven tomorrow morning…or I might just buy in a heap of lemonade icy poles as dessert instead.

What I bookmarked…

These instaposts.


What I blogged…

A rather ranty piece about people who think they have a right to enforce their priorities and ambitions onto me. We all have the right to our own choices and opinions.

I rethought another ranty piece I had scheduled for Thursday and instead published a couple of Sydney locations: Echo on the Marina, and The Newport.

On the astro site was the usual number of astro weather forecasts and something on todays lunar eclipse. If you’re a Leo or Aquarius (especially) you might want to pop over and have a look at that.

Over at the author page I re-posted something I’d previously published here about how I found my editor. If you’re inclined to independent, or indie, publishing, I pop up bits and pieces each Wednesday.

What I wrote…

I now have a date I’ve agreed with my editor to get I Want You Back to her, so actually managed some words on that. I have the story really clear in my head but have been undecided regarding viewpoint and format. I’ve decided not to think anymore, but just write and see what happens.

I also managed to clean up and format another three chapters in my astro ebook. It’s a blog to book version of the first series of how-to or DIY lessons in the Tuesday Toolbox posts. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for over 12 months.

What I didn’t do…

Any real exercise. Again. I’m not beating myself up on that just yet – there’s way too many other things to be going on with!

How was your week? Highlights? Discoveries? Moments?

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  1. You definitely have a lot going on at the moment so I can imagine it’s hard to keep up with it all!

    I hope you get some good news re your house soon and can start making definite plans!

    I’ve not been online much since Thursday so am a bit all over the place at the moment. I’m feeling bad I’ve not done much bloggy stuff, or book reviews, or exercise and am trying to remind myself that’s all fine.

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