That’s a Wrap: January 14, 2017

Watsons Bay Hotel

It’s 5am as I begin to write this and about 29C. When I went to bed last night it had cooled to 37C from a top of 43. Kali, Adventure Spaniel, looked at me when I put her out as if to say ‘seriously? You want me out in that?’ Ridiculous. We remain, however, grateful for air-conditioning – something I’ll need to consciously remind myself of when the power bill comes in.

This morning's sunrise
This morning’s sunrise

So yes, it’s early, but I have to be out of the house early and into the city for brunch with the designer of my book covers. She’s in town for the weekend, and, despite an attempt when we were in London in 2015, we’ve never actually met. I’ll be back home for a few more hours of packing, and then on the bus again back into the city for dinner with friends.

Without further ado or faffing about…to the week that was…

Where I ate too much…

The dip platter
The dip platter

The Local Shed at Rouse Hill. My friend and I over ordered – and by that I mean we shared a dip plate, a salad, and a main meal between us – so this fabulous lamb mince on hommous and lebanese bread came home untouched. We blame the dips and bread.


What I ticked off…

The Vietnam visas. We took a trip into the consulate yesterday, so visas are being prepared as we speak. Hubby and I are headed over for 2 weeks at the beginning of April. At this point I don’t know if we’ll have moved or, indeed, if one or both of us will be coming down from the Sunshine Coast to fly out from Sydney. We have another couple of months to figure that part out.

Where we lunched…


Watsons Bay Hotel. I’ve told you about this place before here and here. It’s an iconic spot, and one of those we wanted to visit before we left. Having to get to Edgecliff for the Vietnamese Consulate was a good excuse. It turned out plenty of other people also thought it would be a great place to escape the heat. I reckon over there on the water it was a good 10deg cooler than it was in the burbs.


We shared some calamari and fish and chips. The batter here is crispy and crunchy and the way fish and chips should be by the water.



What I blogged…

I’d pre-scheduled a heap of posts for daily astro “weather forecasts” so heaps went up on the astro site during the week. My numbers were also up for the week over there with just over 12,000 visits for the week. My best yet.

On the author site I posted something about why indie authors need a business strategy and shared mine. You can find that here.

Here at and anyways, I popped up my version of the (sydney) quiz. I suppose that it’s my “best of post” for this city. To balance the scales, I also posted something about what I’m looking forward to on the Sunshine Coast.

What I wrote…


At the hairdresser’s yesterday I finally re-opened the manuscript I closed in mid November and got some halfway decent words down for I Want You Back. My (Greek) hairdressers think that what this novel needs is a Greek hairdresser. Named Athena. Who was in love with Barry Gibb – although they couldn’t agree on which one would be Athena and which one would be Helena. Personally, it was the Barry reference that disturbed me the most.

What I’m looking forward to…

A short week in the office this week and a long weekend in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast. We’re looking at real estate, and short term accommodation options, so wish us luck!

how was your week? Any highlights?

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  1. Oh I was wondering when you were heading up here. I know you’ll be here long-term soon but am keen to catch up at some point.

    The Vietnam trip sounds good. I’ve only been there once and it was back in 1997 as I was leaving Cambodia for good (and there were only one-weekly flights out of Vietnam to Aus so I had time to kill!).

    1. Looking forward to catching up with you too. At least after this weekend we’ll have a better idea re dates.

  2. If you’re going to Hoi An, eat at Vy’s new market – it’s the bomb. And the cinnamon ice cream is so fab! We went for dinner there from Da Nang for our last meal in country as we didn’t want to risk a bad one! Also I loved Hue, if you can swing it. Less touristy than Hoi An.

    1. Oooh thanks for this. We’re in Hoi An for 6 nights – staying at Maison Vy. We’ll get up to Hue from there. Can’t wait.

  3. One of the main reasons I don’t want to leave our beach side suburb is that it makes summer SO much more bearable, those few degrees cooler help so much. Though we’ve also had our air con on a lot…and I will be reminding myself of the comfort it brought me when I get the bill!

  4. You’ve certainly had a great time – I think you managed to achieve three times what I ticked off over the last few weeks! And you weekly blog visitors are certainly looking very healthy indeed. Lovely to get a glimpse into your very interesting life 🙂

  5. I loved reading your busy, busy week that was. I remember those norwest Sydney days but we never had those extreme nights in all the years we were there. Crazy temps for sure. I think the fact that air con was on all night is what had to happen. Survival is essential. Glad you have some plans happening and you are indeed going to even MORE busy soon. I hope one day, as you need to, you will enjoy a bit of UNbusy. Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek3/52. Denyse

  6. Oh seeing Watson’s Bay has brought back many memories of growing up in Sydney. Thank you I’ve enjoyed remembering fish and chips at Watson’s Bay. Enjoy your weekend away. It is hot up here (I’m in Brisbane) and no sign of cooling 😦 Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond.

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