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On Monday I posted a bit of an ode to the city I live in…a farewell, of sorts.

I had a lot of people asking if I was feeling nostalgic or sad about leaving and to be honest, while there’s absolutely a little of both, there’s also a lot more excitement…mixed in with a dollop of uncertainty and the usual amount of worry about teeny things like earning a living and finding a place to live.

I’m sad because we’ll be leaving my family – all of whom live in or around Sydney – and all of our friends. There’s also nostalgia for all the great things we’ve done over the years. And, as all the tourists in the streets right now are reminding me, how lucky are we to live in a place that so many people dream of visiting?

Having said that, I won’t miss it for all of the reasons why we’ve chosen to go – most of which are around traffic and lifestyle. Another thing is, and yes, I’m really saying this, Sydney has been where I live – but it’s never felt like home…even if I have been known to tear up at the sight of the Harbour Bridge from a plane after being away.

Anyways, to balance the equation, I figured I’d start making a list of all the places I’m looking forward to either discovering or exploring some more when we move. Bring on the adventure, I say! (Oh, all of the photos I’m using I’ve “borrowed” from Instagram. The original photographer’s tag is on each image).

One Tree Hill, Maleny.

One Tree Hill is probably the most photographed paddock in all of the Sunshine Coast.



The Hinterland.

Ok, Montville is a mecca for tour buses, and I love Maleny –Mary Cairncross Reserve has long been one of our favourite spots to take a platter of cheese, a loaf of good bread and a bottle of wine to. But there’s so much more to the Hinterland than Montville and Maleny – I’m talking nature and walks and waterfalls. Places like Kondalilla Falls, Mapleton Falls, the Obi Obi Boardwalk, the Blackall Range, and Kennilworth.

Buderim Falls.

Who knew that these existed just a km or so from the village?



Glass House Mountains.

Of course.



Mt Coolum.

Yes, there’s a bit of a theme happening here. There’s a walk up to the top that I think I could set myself the challenge of. It’s short, but steep, and the views are supposed to make all the huffing and puffing worth it.

Farmers Markets.

I’ve already told you about the Saturday markets at Kawana, and have also mentioned Eumundi in the past – but there are many more…and I intend to try them all. The farmer’s markets held in Yandina, Noosa and Woombye are on my list…for starters.

Market Markets.

You know, arty markets, beachy markets, markets with stalls run by people who make, bake, or create stuff. Peregian Beach Market and Mooloolaba Collective Markets will be amongst the first I intend ticking off.

Further north.

Places like Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Lady Elliott Island are also on my list. Others include Lady Musgrave Island or Quion Island – anywhere with turtles, essentially.



Do you have any favourite places or markets or beaches on the Sunny Coast? What about places to see (or preferably swim with) turtles? Any suggestions?

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  1. I love the Sunny Coast, but reading this post realise I have not really explored much of it! We used to go to Caloundra when we could – I loved that it was still quite small and less touristy than Noosa. So many great spots to visit! I loved Hervey Bay, too!

    1. In all the years we’ve been coming up for holidays, I’ve rarely been to Noosa! I’m really looking forward to visiting Hervey Bay too…

  2. Sounds like some great positives for your move!esp some island visits! Good luck with everything!

  3. Oh you are moving to a beautiful part of the world, even though I’m from Sydney and will always hold it close to my heart. Good luck with the move. Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

    1. Thanks Sue. It’s a gorgeous part of the world. How lucky are we here to be able to live in places that tourists love to visit?

  4. I suspect you know the Sunshine Coast better than I do! My SIL’s parents live at Mapleton so I’ve been there and visited Maleny and Montville a couple of times and love both places… probably more than the beach – given my hatred of sand and the sun!

    My aunt and uncle live at Peregian Beach so I’ve been there a few times and now visited Buderim a bit for medical appointments. My bestie (now in NZ) lived in Mooloolaba for a while so I used to go there a bit once upon a time and like it there. Oh and now I’m reminded I holidayed at Coolum once upon a time as well – so perhaps I’ve been there more than I’ve realised… And I guess it has a lot to offer in terms of variety. I’m really not a fan of the Gold Coast but do like the Sunshine Coast.

    As you know I left Brisbane over 4yrs ago and I do not miss it one bit: the traffic, the crowds etc. I thought I’d miss the ‘culture’ and the shopping. But am reminded I hate shopping and – in reality – can visit for a bit of culture whenever required.

    1. I adore Maleny & the hinterland. You’re absolutely right though – Brissy is just an hour or so down the road if we need a dose of city…

    1. Oh you must! We’ve been holidaying in Mooloolaba since Miss nearly 19 was Miss 6mths. Thanks for dropping by…

  5. I love the Sunshine Coast so much!! I live in Brisbane but holiday up there often. You’re moving to a beautiful part of the world. I love it up in the hinterland too – mapleton, montville, maleny etc. Eumundi markets are fantastic but trying to find a park is terrible (just a heads up). There are lots of other markets around the Sunshine Coast – just Google and there they are listed. Hope your move goes smoothly and you settle in your new home quickly! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    1. Just how bad is the parking st Eumundi? Even when you go early. Hubby usually drops us st the entrance & heads up the hill… & then we let him walk back up the hill for the car when we’re done 😀The exercise does him good…

  6. Jo I adore all of these places on the Sunshine Coast. In fact I’m staying with my daughter at Coolum for a few days and my bedroom window looks out over Mt Coolum. The Glass House Mountains are also a must see, as is Maleny and Montville. I guess my favourite spot on the Sunshine Coast is Coolum for its wonderful beaches and gorgeous little laid-back villagey feel. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  7. Just a little envious but wishing you all the very best! I love visiting the Sunshine Coast and would love to live there. What a lot of fantastic places you’ll have to explore and enjoy. Good Luck! #teamlovinlife

    1. It’s something we’ve always planned towards – since that first trip when Miss nearly 19 was just 6 months old…& now it’s here.

  8. There are so many beautiful places to explore on the Sunshine Coast. My hubby and I spent our honeymoon at a little B&B near Kondalilla Falls and we absolutely loved Maleny too. We have friends who live near Noosa, at Caloundra and Beerwah, so we’ve seen a lot of this gorgeous area. #TeamLovinLife

  9. We won’t be able to hop in the car & visit hubby’s Mum in Canberra as often, but that’s a teeny problem in the scale of things (insert pinky emoticon).

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