Watsons Bay…


Tuesdays Staycation was Watsons Bay & the Gap.

Miss T and I have done this jaunt before, but while Mr T and I have spent many a happy afternoon at the Watto Bay pub, he hasn’t done the walk up to the Gap.

So we did.


We even did the little bush walk up the top.



Strictly speaking this is just a little detour off the path, but Miss T and I built it up to be more than that. Mr T rolled his eyes. Anyways, the view is unbeatable.


Watsons Bay Hotel now calls itself a boutique hotel (according to the check in options of Facebook), and has poshed up a tad since last time I was here. The prices seem to have gone up a bit (presumably to pay for the facelift) and the lunch specials have gone.

The burger, chips and fries are still pretty bloody good- and huge. The 3 of us shared 1 burger meal and 1 fish and chips.

Getting there:


Watsons Bay is located at the southern head of the entrance to Sydney Harbour (South Head). There has been a fishing village here since 1788, although the pub isn’t quite that old…

You can drive, it isn’t far out from the city and there is limited parking- especially if you are arriving mid week…I wouldn’t even try on the weekend unless you are blessed with a tolerance level far stronger than mine- the carpark fairies fly right over and don’t stop.

Besides, the 30 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay is fun. Timetables can be downloaded here. If you must, there is also a bus from the city. All timetables can be downloaded from www.131500.com.au.

Eating there:


We ate at Watsons Bay Hotel, but there are other alternatives. Doyles have been serving people things to eat at Watsons Bay since 1885 (both takeaway at the Ferry Terminal & dine in on the beach) and Dunbar House offers a slightly more highbrow alternative against the magnificent backdrop that is the bay. There’s plenty of grassy spots for a picnic, or, you can skip the food entirely and go straight to ice cream!


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