Welcome home to Wapa…


That’s what they all say. From the driver who met us at the airport to the reception staff to the cleaning staff to…well, everyone. The reception staff will even say it when they see us coming back from a day out or a night in town, ‘Welcome home to Wapa.’

It does feel a little like coming home: everyone knows your name- and uses it.


The rooms…


We had exactly the same room as last time- on the other side of the river- but where I said the only drawback was the lack of privacy into the bathroom? Well, that’s been rectified, so the rooms now really are perfect.




The pools…

Given that the infinity pool tended to be taken over by Instagram Queens most mornings (I’ll tell you about them later), and because I didn’t want to turn anyone off their breakfast at the sight of me in my cozzies, I tended to walk over the bridge and up the hill to the main pool straight after breakfast,



the view from my sunbed
the view from my sunbed

and paddled around in the infinity pool in the afternoon.


The grounds…

I told you about the gardens the other day, but some more images…


Entrance to the pool villas
one of the lounge areas
Lanai Terrace rooms on the edge of the rice paddies

The breakfasts

We breakfasted up near the infinity pool each morning- just a couple of steps from our room. I had nasi goreng nearly every morning.


The restaurant…


Wapa’s near the infinity pool does a good range of Western and Indonesian dishes.

The relatively new Mr Wayan, however, is a stand-out. One of the best meals we had in Ubud we had there. It’s unashamedly authentically Balinese- from the home-made rice crackers and sambal and peanut sauce


to be siap jejeruk (grilled chicken with tumeric, galangal paste, cucumber, lime, coconut)


to tempeh goreng


to incredible corn and potato fritters- possibly one of the top 5 dishes of the trip.


We ate there twice- once for dinner and, on our last day, for lunch. Sadly I have no decent photos of the pork belly in kecap manis (mouth meltingly wonderful) or the bebek betutu (slow cooked duck in spices).

The view is incredible- across the rice paddies. I’d show you, but one of the instagram queens had set up with more food that she could possibly have eaten in a month to take “candid” photos. Yes, that came out loud.

The entrance to Wapa
The entrance to Wapa


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  1. Looks divine Jo. So slow and calming.

    The thing I really loved about living in Asia (many MANY moons ago) was the savoury breakfasts. I know we do bacon and egg, but when I recall staying in this ‘hotel’ in Cambodia in 1997 where I ate some sort of beef stirfry thing every morning. It was delicious and I have no idea what was in it but god it was amazing.

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