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2016: A Year In Pictures

Ok, this is one of the toughest posts I’ll write all year – my favourite pics for 2016. I could take the easy way out and leave you with the best 9 from instagram, but what attracted likes on instagram in 2016… Read More

Welcome home to Wapa…

That’s what they all say. From the driver who met us at the airport to the reception staff to the cleaning staff to…well, everyone. The reception staff will even say it when they see us coming back from a day out or a… Read More

Some pretty flowers- just because…

I’ll share some more photos taken at the gorgeous resort we stay at in Ubud over the next few weeks, but for now, some pics from their fabulous gardens…just because it’s Sunday afternoon and I feel like it. Besides, they’re too pretty not… Read More

Finding my balance…

Our driver in Ubud, Kadek, talked a lot about balance. Balance and cycles. ‘It’s all connected,’ he said. ‘Everything.’ He also talked a lot about the body being a temple, and the mind being clear. He laughed at how us Westerners come… Read More

Friday Five: The Ubud Five

So anyways, hubby and I have been in Bali for the best part of the last two weeks. We leave tonight- substantially more relaxed and balanced than when we left. I haven’t blogged at all while we’ve been away, but have a… Read More

Friday Five: Ubud on my mind…

It’s been a week of endings. Endings at my work, for me personally and some other stuff besides. I said to my BMF the other day at lunch that I feel like there’s so much in me that I can’t say that… Read More

How to Make: Coconut Ice-Cream

So anyways, most people who know me well know that I like my sugar fermented- preferably in the form of wine. I’m the girl in the office who truly doesn’t want a slice of birthday cake. I’m the girl who really isn’t… Read More

Out and About in Ubud

So anyways, the main street of Ubud feels just like any main street in a main town in Bali- chaotic. Of course you’ll want to wander around the Palace. Walk a little away from the Palace, though, and things feel different- quieter,… Read More

Balinese Offerings…

So anyways, they’re tough to miss- the beautiful little palm baskets that are left around shrines, statues, doorways, roadsides, paths, steps…wherever. Some are elaborate, most are not. Some contain a few petals, maybe some rice, a cigarette, a couple of tiny crackers,… Read More

Ubud: The Foodie Five

So anyways, Ubud is one of those towns where decisions need to be made when it comes to food. Cheap or exxie, modern or traditional, hang out or hang in. Up every street and every laneway is somewhere to stop for a… Read More