Friday Five: Ubud on my mind…


It’s been a week of endings.

Endings at my work, for me personally and some other stuff besides.

I said to my BMF the other day at lunch that I feel like there’s so much in me that I can’t say that I’m going to explode. He thought it sounded a bit like a zit well past popping and that maybe it just needed to be squeezed. Such a boy, but the analogy is sort of correct, I suppose.

The big ending though is hubby’s. Today he finishes in the company he started at when he finished school- over 36 years ago. Yep. Thirty-six years. It’s a big, big change.

The timing is perfect, though- as timing often is. As messy as things have been for the last few months, it feels very much like it has to be, that if it wasn’t, we’d all stay the same- and that’s not a good idea in the long run. Anyways, in this case, the timing really is perfect: it’s our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow and on Sunday we fly to Bali. We’ve got some time in Ubud first to re-charge and re-callibrate. Neither of us have ever relaxed more than we do in Ubud: it’s not just a place, it’s a state of mind.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to most…well, five things I’m looking forward to most.

Being back at Wapa…

seriously, just how romantic is this?
seriously, just how romantic is this?

It’s bliss. Just a few kilometres out of town, it’s close enough to go in each day, yet far enough away that you can feel the serenity. It’s one of those boutique hotels where each staff member introduces themselves and remembers you. It doesn’t feel like a hotel. Most of all, it’s so quiet and comfortable, the anxiety has no chance of holding on.

I wrote about it here and here.


The rice fields…


By day the paddies are restful- I suppose, that is, unless you have to work in them. Just looking at them brings your blood pressure down. We try and find places for lunch that overlook the rice- and in Ubud there are plenty of opportunities for that.


At night the fields come alive. Fireflies dart in and out like tiny lasers- so quickly it’s hard to hold one for long enough to make a wish on it. The frogs and insects set up a sort of music in the background. Over the top of it all comes the faint chimes of a gamelan from somewhere in town. It’s all rather magical.

The offerings…


I love the teeny offerings left everywhere. It’s very much a mindful thing- part of the daily routine. It’s not so much the reason, but the ritual.

The walks…


Ubud is fabulous for walking- the town is a maze of tiny streets and alleys that you take your time to amble though, so as not to miss any details.


This year we’re intending on doing more walks out and about. There’s one in particular- Campuhan Ridge that I’d like us to tackle. I’m seriously unfit at present, so I suspect we’ll be tackling it slowly, but tackle it we will.


The food…

Ubud has some great restaurants and cafes- for all budgets. I wrote about some of them here. We intend to try even more this trip.


How was your week? What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Oh… are you finishing up work as well Jo, or just on hols? I hope you both enjoy your time in Bali and come home refreshed. Big changes but perhaps exciting things ahead!!!

  2. Thanks Deb, nope, I’ll be going back in after holidays… still some big stuff on the cards, & while it’s still scary, the saddest of it is now done…I think.

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