Wapa di Ume…revisited…


So anyways, I’ve told you about Wapa Di Ume before– last year in fact.

We had such a great stay last year, that we came back- this time for longer. We enjoyed the same peace, the same gorgeous surrounds, the same friendly staff, but as the result of an extension across the river, Wapa has grown.

The rooms…


We’d booked a rice view room, but were upgraded to a suite in the new wing across the river.


It was quite simply stunningly beautiful. Oh, those are mangosteens on the table- possibly my favourite fruit in the world…how did they know?


With the highest ceilings imaginable, a daybed for languishing, a huge bathroom with double shower and sunken bath there was more than enough room.


In addition, we had 2 balconies (yes, two)- one for lounging in the sun and the other with a table and chairs for that evening Bintang or room service brekky overlooking the river and the rice fields. We’d sit out there and watch the squirrels, listen to the birds and the river below. Aaah the serenity.


Our view was this one:


No detail was spared- right down to a double change of bedspreads each day.


The room would be made up in browns, and by the time we came home from dinner, it would be whites again… Not sure that I could see the point, but it did make it all very romantic.

seriously, just how romantic is this?
seriously, just how romantic is this?

The only issue I had was with the bathroom which, although gorgeous, and hidden behind the bed, did not have a closable door to the toilet. We’ve always been one of those couples that needs a tad more privacy than that.

As for the noise? Our room was super quiet- until the 2nd last night when a family moved in next door with a toddler. We couldn’t hear the adults, or anything else from their room, but early morning and late night high-pitched toddler voices have an amazing ability to seep through any cracks and crevices and carry for miles. No matter, I carry ear-plugs. Besides, I’m sure his parents wanted him to just go to sleep as much as we did.


The grounds…


The new wing is separated from the older wing by the river. To get to the main resort, we crossed the bridge and walked up the path through the rice fields or through the resort. On the off-chance that the short hill seemed too hard, there’s a golf cart you can call to take you up…but then you’d miss the view.


At this time of the year the rice fields are lushly green. At night they come alive with the sound of frogs and insects, and the darting light of the fireflies as they duck in and out.


Wandering the resort there are plenty of spots to just sit and inhale the green and exhale the stress….


… and admire the details that are all around.




Hmmmm overlooking the rice fields or by the pool?


Something simple…


or something a little more spicy? Or, perhaps, both?


So many decisions…

The pool…


The infinity pool next to our suite,


or the main pool up the hill…?


More decisions…but really it came down to just how lazy I was feeling…


The service…


Wapa is the friendliest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Bar none. Ever.

Each staff member, from the Houseboy to the Manager to the Shuttle guys introduced themselves during our stay. And then remembered our names. And thanked us (sincerely) for coming back. It was personal service without the intrusiveness that can come from personal service.

It’s also why we’ll be back for a third visit.


The fine print: these are my opinions only and yes, we paid our own way.

Author: Jo

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