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Big Girls Don't Cry

The more eagle- eyed amongst you would have noticed that there was no Friday Five this week.

It’s been a busy week. I’ve been flat-chat all week in the partition getting ready for holidays- you know how it is, everything has to be tidied up and handed over. The concept is the same around Christmas. Have you ever noticed how regardless of the date a project was started, the deadline is Christmas? Exactly.

What else? Miss 17 finished her HSC- with a minimum of fuss.

For those of you in countries or states where there is no HSC, essentially it’s an archaic and completely barbaric method of measuring kids and allocating university entrance scores.

Depending on the subjects taken, once year 12 is finished, the kids then sit up to four weeks worth of multi hour exams- the results of which will (supposedly) help determine what comes next.

It’s why, when you say you have a child doing year 12, those who have gone before will nod, look concerned and say something like, ‘hmmmm, good luck with that.”

Then throughout the year you’ll be peppered with questions about stress levels and balances…and horror stories about what happens when these things get out of balance. As I said- archaic and barbaric. Anyways, I’ll step off my soapbox now.

Suffice to say, it’s over- and Miss 17 approached the whole thing with practicality, a schedule (that included plenty of downtime and living time), and a just get it done attitude. Yes, I’m proud.

What else?

What I procrastinated about…

I had a back cover blurb and acknowledgements to write for Big Girls Don’t Cry, so found heaps of other things to do instead. I even wrote 15,000 words for my new project as part of nanowrimo rather than write the 350 or so I need for the blurb.

What I pondered…

The definition of dude food. We have our bi-annual cook-off this weekend with my brother and his family. It’s not competitive at all (she says competing madly), but a theme is set for each event.

The last cuisine was Korean- with mixed results. This time round it’s dude food.

We’ve defined dude food as needing to fit more than one of the following critera:

  • Something you could order as bar snacks
  • Something you can eat in your hands- or with no more than one piece of cutlery
  • Something that goes with beer
  • Something that you can build yourself.

My contribution is Mexican pulled pork sliders- with salsa and guacamole.

The Lyons Den contributed barbecued ribs, smoky chicken wings and, the dish of the day, jalapeno poppers. Yummo…yes, kids, this is “sometimes” food.

What I did a happy dance about…

My cover is in…and here it is. I love it. To pieces. That’s it at the start of this post.

There’ll be a new website banner to match unveiled on publication date…which is, I’m pleased you asked, on December 8. More details- and a blurb- to come.

What made me smile…


The carpets of purple after the rain this week.

The jacaranda season is so fleeting, yet completely unmissable.

What made me say ‘already?’ 

Looking up into the crystal
Looking up into the crystal “trunk”

The Swarovski Christmas Tree in the Queen Victoria Building is up already. And Santa is open for business. Already. Sure, Melbourne Cup has been and gone, but…already?

Having said that, it is gorgeous…


What gave me a moment…

Ok, this is embarrassing.

I went to see Cats yesterday. I have to say that I love a musical, but somehow over the years had missed seeing this. Sure, I knew the song: Memory…doesn’t everyone?

The dancing was amazing, the sets spectacular, the costuming fabulous, but at the end of the first act, the four of us looked at each other and said, ‘I’m not sure that I’m getting this.’

I texted a friend at interval who came back with:

It’s about alley cats- what else is there to get?

Thanks for that.

The second act was much better, but the highlight was the big Memory number near the end.

Now, before I say this, you need to know that I’m not a big Delta Goodrem fan. Sure, I like some of her stuff- especially her earlier stuff- but in general, I’m a tad meh. At times it all feels a little try hard- but that’s just me. Yet when she straightened and her voice soared, into

touch me, it’s so easy to leave me all alone with my memory…

not only did I get goosebumps, but I had to swallow back a little sob and had actual tears. Let’s just say that if I had a red button that made my chair turn around to have her on my team (like on The Voice), I would have punched it hard. Just don’t tell anyone…

Yes, it was a moment.

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  1. I’ve never seen Cats… in fact the only stage show I’ve ever seen was Mama Mia WAY before it became kinda famous and the movie was made.

    I love the book cover as well and am pleased you’re happy with it.

    I always liked our Qld approach to University entrance scores better – stretched over 2 years of usual tests and then a ranking type thing for the school (which was the only problematic bit). However I gather that’s changing again…..

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