Nanowrimo- The Halfway Point


So anyways, we’ve reached the halfway point in November. It’s therefore time for an update.

My word count as at this morning stands at a smidgeon over 30,000. Yes, I’m ahead of target- and how nice does that graph look?

The words have been extremely disciplined ones. Things absolutely haven’t gone to plan- do they ever? It’s been manic at work as I’ve been madly finishing off in preparation for holidays. It’s been manic at home as I’ve been madly finishing off in preparation for holidays. In between have been pre-arranged and spontaneous lunches out, catch ups with friends for early Christmas, and the usual domestic stuff- in preparation for holidays. I’ve even had to get all the Christmas shopping done before we go.

I’ve written for an hour each morning before work, and some more each night before bed. I’ve scribbled in my journal at lunchtime (where possible) and dumped those words to the laptop when I’ve got home. I’ve written at hairdresser appointments and wherever else I can grab ten minutes or so. Those ten minutes or so here and there have added up.

This is me scribbling at lunch. You’ll notice the soup splashes on the journal pages.

I’ll be spending most of the next 24 hours in transit, and the next few weeks on the road, so every word over target is a precious one.

The story is coming to life as I write, and I haven’t yet hit the soggy middle bit…yet. Most important of all, even if I only get another thousand words written between now and the end of November, that will still be 31,000 words that I didn’t have at the start of November.

What about you? How is your nano going?



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  1. As you know I crashed and burned at 1700 on day 1. Last year (the only year I won) I had a clear plot idea whereas this year I had this potential ‘notion’ of sorts. I guess it’s still there floating around in my head somewhere but I’m not sure it’s a novel. Perhaps when I get into the right headspace I’ll write it down.

    Well done on doing so well, especially while working full-time. It very much reflects the fact that it’s not about time, it’s about dedication and passion.

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