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The novel formerly known as Finding John Smith…

So anyways, I’ve finally finished the re-write for the novel formerly known as Finding John Smith. I’ve exported it from Scrivener into word and am now running through to make sure everything makes sense before sending it back to the editor. This… Read More

How I use astrology to write fiction…

I’ve always wanted to write love stories- not necessarily category romance (although I’d like to have a shot at that one day) but the sort of books that you pick up at an airport to read on the plane, on the beach,… Read More

Big Girls Don’t Cry…

I’ve been so focused on my ultimate road trip, that I completely missed my launch date. What launch date, I hear you ask…and well you might too… The launch date on Amazon for my second book- Big Girls Don’t Cry. And because… Read More

Big Girls Don’t Cry- The Soundtrack

Regular readers will know that music is an essential part of the writing process for me. Certain scenes and certain moods are helped along by certain songs. I start each manuscript with a playlist of sorts- I went as far as using… Read More

Nanowrimo- The Halfway Point

So anyways, we’ve reached the halfway point in November. It’s therefore time for an update. My word count as at this morning stands at a smidgeon over 30,000. Yes, I’m ahead of target- and how nice does that graph look? The words… Read More

How to write a novel in a month…or why you should do NaNoWriMo…

So anyways, November is around the corner…and if November is around the corner, so too is NaNoWriMo. Nano wtf? National Novel Writing Month. Essentially the challenge is to, along with a few hundred thousand other people, get 50,000 words out of your… Read More

NaNoWriMo: October is the new November

Those of you who are new to this blog may not have heard of NaNoWriMo …National Novel Writing Month…or, I as I call it, Nano. It’s where hundreds of thousands of writers attempt the writerly version of a marathon during the month… Read More

The Back-Up Plan

So anyways, some of you might know that I’m also an astrologer. Although the fiction part of my life crosses over into the astro, I rarely bring the astro here. Today I’m making an exception- even though it’s Wednesday so I should… Read More

Something about how I found my editor…

So anyways, I started the re-write for Big Girls Don’t Cry yesterday. I’ve printed up the version of my manuscript my editor’s mark-ups. The plan is to cross through each one as it’s dealt with. Because most of the changes that need… Read More

Creating Conflict…

So anyways, yesterday was the first full day of Conference for me- and what a day it was. I attended sessions looking at scene diagnosis, story diagnosis and sex scenes- which are, as an aside, more than just “docking procedures.” Thanks to… Read More