Big Girls Don’t Cry- The Soundtrack

Black vinyl record and loudspeakers isolated on whiteRegular readers will know that music is an essential part of the writing process for me. Certain scenes and certain moods are helped along by certain songs.

I start each manuscript with a playlist of sorts- I went as far as using them for chapter headings in the early drafts of Baby, It’s You. Three songs ended up really representing that book for me:

  • Baby, It’s You: The Promises
  • Never: Moving Pictures
  • Feeling Good: Michael

Once I get to the edit stage, the playlist is also edited. I then play it during my morning commute- it helps me figure through problems, and it helps me add layers to my characters and emotion to my scenes.

Yes, daggy, I know…but it works.

As an example, there’s this scene in BGDC where Abby and Brad are having their first date. Things are hotting up- as they do. The song that had the mood that I wanted was The Veronica’s Take Me On The Floor. It’s that bit where the music pauses and she just goes ‘Oh.’ Perfect.

Just like in Baby, It’s You, aside from Take Me On The Floor, there are a few songs that have come to represent BGDC for me:

Yes, Abba. After all, there’s an Abba song for every life occasion…and this one really fits.

What else is on the BGDC list? In alphabetical order, and with the appropriate daggy music and Kylie ahead warning, the other songs are:

All At Once: Whitney Houston

Better In Time: Leona Lewis

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Muse

Especially For You: Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

Fight Song: Rachel Platten

Flashlight: Jessie J

From This Moment: Shania Twain

If You Go Away: Emiliana Torrini

In Your Eyes: Kylie Minogue

Need You Now: Lady Antebellum

Never Tear Us Apart: INXS

Only Love Can Hurt Like This: Paloma Faith

Something I Need: One Republic

Think of You: A Fine Frenzy

Without You: Mariah Carey

You Make Me Happy: Clare Bowditch and Eddie Perfect

You’ve Got A Way: Shania Twain

I warned you about the seriously daggy stuff!

Any other writers out there use music to help set the writing mood?

Big Girls Don’t Cry will be available for purchase from Amazon on 8 December 2015

Author: Jo

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