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Friday Five…

Did you hear that? That was a sigh- actually, no, it was me breathing…taking in a deep gulp of air. The last of my commissioned freelance work was sent off last Saturday morning, and now I’m free to concentrate on my latest… Read More

30 things that make me go aaah….

She’s an optimist- one of those people who can push unpleasant thoughts aside to deal with another day. She notices the little things in life that bring joy- even when things seem to be really crap. She’s the type that I could see blowing bubbles, or cycling along a country lane with her feet out to the side.

2016: The Writing Goals…

2015 was a big year for me- huge, in fact…both personally and from a writing viewpoint: I published two books: Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry Between this blog and my astro blog I published 356 posts. Coincidental and unplanned,… Read More

Big Girls Don’t Cry…a review

Ok, I’ll probably retreat into my head down a hole thing & refuse to read any more reviews, but I was quite overwhelmed by this one from Debbish. So, I’m sharing. ‘Thinking women’s chick lit…’ Thank you. For more great reviews by… Read More

Big Girls Don’t Cry- The Soundtrack

Regular readers will know that music is an essential part of the writing process for me. Certain scenes and certain moods are helped along by certain songs. I start each manuscript with a playlist of sorts- I went as far as using… Read More

The Sunday Six…

The more eagle- eyed amongst you would have noticed that there was no Friday Five this week. It’s been a busy week. I’ve been flat-chat all week in the partition getting ready for holidays- you know how it is, everything has to… Read More

What’s in a copy edit?

So anyways, I’ve finished the copy edit for Big Girls Don’t Cry. It wasn’t too bad- in fact, it was probably quite light as far as these things go. I remember when I first got the copy edit back for Baby, It’s… Read More

Where in the world?

As I’ve said before, I’m not a plotter. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t plan. Professionally speaking, my background is in project and change management, and we live by the old mantra of fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s ingrained…. Read More

Shiny New Ideas…

So anyways, I have this idea. It’s a new and very shiny idea. It’s an idea that, as soon as my friend Andy suggested it (over a beer, and as a bit of fun) all the way back in February, that I’ve… Read More

Cover Up…

  So anyways, with Big Girls Don’t Cry away being copy edited, it’s time to turn my attention to other stuff- like covers and blurbs and figuring out the whole print thing. For the cover, I’ll be using Jacinda May again. I think… Read More