30 things that make me go aaah….

Romantic portrait of young woman with soap balloons.

I’m well into the first draft of my latest manuscript- I should have it finished by end January/mid February.

My lead character Max is a very different character to Abby from Big Girls. For a start, she comes from a completely functional, close and happy family. Although she has her flaws- don’t we all- she’s not at all damaged as Abby was.

She’s an optimist- one of those people who can push unpleasant thoughts aside to deal with another day. She notices the little things in life that bring joy- even when things seem to be really crap. She’s the type that I could see blowing bubbles, or cycling along a country lane with her feet out to the side.

I mentioned the other day that I like to spend some time in the heads of my characters while I’m writing them (or is that the other way around?). It’s why I’m also thinking of interesting ways to use cauliflower at the moment. As part of this- trying to think like Max thinks- I tried to think about those little things that bring me pleasure- often fleeting moments of pleasure, but pleasure none the less.

Once I started writing, I forced myself to stop at 30…I could have gone on…and on…and on…and that’s a good thing…right?

  1. Early morning walks
  2. The welcome from my dog when she hasn’t seen me for a few minutes/ since last night/ since this morning/ since I came back from dropping rubbish in the bin
  3. Doggy smiles
  4. The flash of colour from a rainbow lorikeet
  5. The early morning warble of a magpie
  6. The smell of jasmine when the sun hits it
  7. The early evening smell of gardenias in our hedge in summer
  8. When the (solar) lights come on in my coloured paper lanterns under the pergola
  9. Taking your bra off at night
  10. The bubbles in sparking mineral water
  11. Having a pee when you’ve been holding on for what seems like ever
  12. That smudge of new green in the Spring
  13. Jacaranda flowers on the horizon
  14. Jacaranda flowers when they drop and carpet the lawn
  15. Autumn leaves
  16. The crackle of frost on a blue day
  17. Bees on lavender and rosemary bushes
  18. Fresh sheets
  19. Shaved legs and fresh sheets
  20. Clean hair after being on the beach
  21. The smell of sparklers
  22. Writing my name in the air in sparklers
  23. Writing the name of the one I love in the air in sparklers
  24. Blowing bubbles
  25. Popping bubbles
  26. Popping bubble wrap
  27. Seeing a dragonfly
  28. Making a wish on a dandelion
  29. That first sight of the ocean when you go to the coast
  30. Floating in the blue

What are the little things that do it for you?


Author: Jo

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  1. Quite a few things on your list also make it on to mine, Jo. Bubble wrap. Lorikeets. Jasmine. Clean sheets. Also picking herbs from the garden to add to what I’m making, the smell

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