Wellingtonians have this joke. It’s about the weather- as most things Wellingtonian are. In fact you are reminded about the weather from the minute that you land, if not before if there happens to be a southerly blowing (you get an awful… Read More

This post was originally published over on Jo Tracey Astrology during December 2011. OK, this post comes with a possibly one too many bintangs and just a little too much sun warning…is there such a thing as too many bintangs or too… Read More

This blog was originally posted at Jo Tracey Astrology in January 2012. I am gradually moving all travel posts over here. Into street art, or what people used to call graffiti before it became artistic and trendy? Some artists now are completely… Read More

When I visited New York, all I wanted was a photo from the Top of the Rock, the Rockefeller Centre of the skyline- a bit like Patsy in the New York episode of Absolutely Fabulous. Somehow I don’t think it was quite… Read More

After the skyline photoaday I got to looking at some of the skylines I have in my photo library. So I figured I would post some. Firstly, Hong Kong. from a cable car from a cable car high above the airport from… Read More

Every so often one visits a restaurant that is truly spiritual, magical and all those other words with an “al” suffix. Even less often is the food served there is sufficiently inspirational to live up to the promise of its surrounds. Spirit… Read More

it’s not as big as i remember…

So there  we are on the Road Trip. About 1200kms worth- from Sydney to Mooloolaba. At Easter, no less.  And we survived, with minimal marital disharmony. How? With a little planning, the essential breaking of the trip at Coffs Harbour and a… Read More

this is what dreams are made of

Good Friday last year I was in New Zealand. The year before that it was Hong Kong. This year I’m at home in Sydney. The sun is shining, there is nothing on the road, and very little to do bar catch up… Read More