After lunch we got chatting to some fellow travellers- as you do- a couple of ladies who had been staying in Candidasa on Bali’s East Coast. They were raving about a chocolate factory they had come across on the beach at Jasri… Read More

I’ll let you into a little secret- I’m a sucker for a dome. And great big, white 9 sided buildings plonked down in the middle of Australian suburban bushland. I also have a strange fascination with photographing really cool looking places of… Read More

There’s usually snow up here at this time of the year. But not this year. We’d come up to the highest point in Eucumbene locality- almost 1600m- and nothing. Judging by the grass, there hadn’t been much at all this season. That… Read More

The plan was simple. No inside cooking. Unless it could be cooked outside- either on the barbecue or in the “camp” fire, we wouldn’t eat it.  How hard could it be? Part of the plan was inspired by pure laziness- if we… Read More

Taman Tirta Gangga. Yep, I’ve checked the spelling. Just out of Amplura, this is the work of Amplura’s water loving Rajah who had a go (apparently this was his second shot- the first was at Taman Ujung) at building the water palace… Read More

See that building in the photo above? The one that looks like a great big rounded triangle? I used to work in there. My desk was in the pointy curvey part, in the window, on the 2nd floor. I remember when I… Read More

Rice. It comes in sealed plastic from the supermarket…doesn’t it? Quite simply no. In Bali, if you’re prepared to notice, the evidence of rice growing is everywhere- and not just on your plate. Aside from the small fields interspersed with tourist accommodation… Read More

  One of the reasons we travel is to taste the culture. Well, that’s why I travel. Lonely Planet published an article the other day on 7 Iconic Dishes Around the World. On the list were things like: Buffalo Wings from Buffalo,… Read More

OK, I admit it- I don’t really get art installations. At all. It’s not that I haven’t tried over the years, but I simply can’t get my head around most of it. Yet it’s something I feel that I should try harder… Read More

I’m about to stray into too much information territory- it hurts to sit down…and walk…and move. Stairs- and lots of them- tend to do that to you! Bondi is quintessentially Sydney- yet I have never been here. I don’t count coming through… Read More