If you look for them, the day can be full of fist pump moments. You know, those tiny little wins that make you want to pump your fist in the air while the theme song from Karate Kid is playing in the… Read More

My favourite photo ever taken? That’s todays #photoaday theme. Impossible. Up until a few years ago I fancied myself as seriously serious about my photography, so persisted with a manual SLR and a fridge full of seriously expensive slide film. There would… Read More

Just a short drive north (the signs are clear and most drivers will know) of Ubud is Pura Tirtha Empul- a place of holy springs with supposed magical healing powers. Water from the springs gushes out of these spout things into a… Read More

OK, this might come as a bit of a shock…but Bintang beer is actually not all there is to Balinese cuisine- despite thousands (or is that hundreds of thousands?) of Aussies saying otherwise. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a Bintang… Read More

‘So,’ asked my friend of our driver, ‘what is the speed limit on these roads?’ Sugi was silent. ‘I mean,’ she explained, ‘how fast are you allowed to drive?’ ‘Aaaah,’ he said, ‘I didn’t bother to learn that bit.’ Speed limits, it… Read More

You probably know all about satay. It’s little slices of meat (usually chicken, lamb or beef), marinated in something suitably exotic and spicy, before being threaded onto a skewer and then grilled. It’s served with a peanut sauce that has just the… Read More

The young French couple sitting beside me were newly weds. Not look at us, loved up, sickeningly happy newly weds, just fiddling with the ring a little too often to be used to it newly weds. That, and the quiet happiness that… Read More

Wellingtonians have this joke. It’s about the weather- as most things Wellingtonian are. In fact you are reminded about the weather from the minute that you land, if not before if there happens to be a southerly blowing (you get an awful… Read More

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This blog was originally posted at Jo Tracey Astrology in January 2012. I am gradually moving all travel posts over here. Into street art, or what people used to call graffiti before it became artistic and trendy? Some artists now are completely… Read More