Weather, Wool, Whisky and Witches…


our rather hairy next door neighbour

Apparently the Scots have over 50 words for weather. Actually, I made that up- I used the line in Baby It’s You too, but that’s another story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really did have that many words for weather. Dreich is that sort of miserable weather- grey and a little bit wet, but not that really interesting grey, just a boring, single shade of grey…with added drizzle. That’s what it was like.

It also sort of matched our moods a little today. It was our 7th day of touring and we were all getting a tad over each other. I was also feeling a tad claustrophobic from the lack of daylight. Up here it’s not light until around 8am and is dark again by 4pm. I was feeling closed in- and the weather didn’t help.

Taken in Inverness town centre just on 4pm…

Anyways, I’m sure that you’re not interested in our moods…

Twenty years ago, when we were last in this neck of the woods, we bought a teddy bear with a tartan ribbon around its’ neck from Johnston’s wool and cashmere Mill in Elgin. We named it Elgin (obviously) and kept it aside for when we had a baby. That baby is now Miss 17, and Elgin was one of her constants in childhood.

We wanted to go back to Johnston’s- to show Sarah where Elgin came from, but also because I needed a beanie, and Johnston’s do a good line in (wait for it) cashmere and cashmere/wool mix clothing. Here’s Sarah doing an impersonation of the House of Bruer men (see yesterdays post).


Oh, I bought a beanie…and a scarf.

Next up was a trip to check in on my investments at Glenfiddich distillery. Obviously, I don’t have any investments in Glenfiddich, but I’ve certainly contributed plenty over the years. Because Sares is under 18, we were’t able to do the tour of the distillery…we were, however, able to have lunch…and what a lunch- our best meal of the trip so far.


Hubby had the haggis with tatties and neeps and a whisky cream sauce. It was done in layers and, despite being haggis, was actually alright. If you like haggis, don’t throw things at me. The matching whisky worked well…

I had the cullen skink- a Scottish smoked haddock and potato soup…with matching whisky…and Sares had what she said was the best smoked salmon she’d had ever. Big call.

So, we’ve covered the weather and the wool and the whisky…but what about the witches? Ok, I’m drawing a long bow here, but dinner was at Cawdor Tavern…just up the road from Cawdor Castle. Cawdor Castle was, of course, famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s Scottish play. Ok, I’ll whisper it…Macbeth. Hence the witches.


Great pub, great vibe, and best pub meal so far…and the perfect way to chase the dreich away…

Tomorrow we’re going monster hunting…




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  1. Oh, I hadn’t known about Cawdor Castle – so much history! Plus whisky! I can’t imagine such dark days… I can see why people often feel depressed in winter there though!

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