Today we were off to the seaside. It feels weird- at home we say we’re going to the beach, here we’re heading to the sea for the day.

There was some argument in the car about the old folk song Scarborough Fair. I said it was an old English ballad that probably meant something a lot more sinister than what the words say. I even sang it- although use the term “sing” loosely…  Grant argued that someone in the 70s did it. Simon and Garfunkel he thought. I said that they did the cover. He didn’t agree. Mr Google settled it. I was right…of course. I’m not so sure about the sinister lyrics, though- personally I think it was just about some young dude who really wasn’t into commitment. But that’s just my theory.

I was also right to suggest the short detour off the A64 to Scarborough and visit Filey first.

The beach...
The beach…

Filey is a fishing village that in the summer is one of those seaside towns that is chock full of holiday makers in the summer, and virtually closed in the winter. Apparently it became popular when Scarborough (just up the road) got too big and too messy. Scarborough, even in the winter, is big and messy.


The pic above is the only one you’ll get of Scarborough- and I took that one from the car. Rows and rows of amusement parlours… Anyways, back to Filey….


Above the beach are rows and rows of holiday accommodation.


The holiday camps that used to line the coast just outside town have now become housing developments. It’s winter, so the amusements and putt putt golf and all the other things designed to keep kids happy when the sun isn’t shining are closed.


It’s the Brigg that attracts our attention.


A long, narrow grass topped peninsula that extends out into the sea, it’s steep cliffs are striking. We drove to the carpark at the top (as you do) and walked its’ length.

The views are magnificent, and there’s even the remnants of a Roman signal tower up there. Apparently it dates back to the 4th century.


There’s what I think is a bird hide down on the brig itself. While we were there, a number of people were wandering around with tripods and huge lenses talking bird stuff and about how particular birds they’d just recorded hadn’t been seen on Filey for “fifteen year.” During the winter, the area is teeming with seabirds.


It was freezing up there, the wind blowing out whatever cobwebs were still left between the ears, but the sun was shining and all was good. Anyways, check out the pics…




I’ll show you around Whitby later…






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  1. Oh… yay for Mr Google. And I LOVE English fishing villages. Well, those I’ve seen on TV. They’re possibly nothing like I’ve seen there but they all seem so quaint. Quiet but homely. Perfect for this wannabe hermit!

    1. In the winter they are quiet- apparently they’re nightmares in the summer…but just as they are on the telly.

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