Welcome to Burford…


So anyways, I told you yesterday that I’d take you around Burford? Well, who am I to break a promise?

I’ll let the pics tell the story…mostly…but before we go any further, I like this town…really like this town. It’s pretty- like many Cotswolds towns. It’s built on wool- like many Cotswolds towns. It has plenty of pubs and gift shops- like many Cotswolds towns. Somehow though, it feels real…and although it’s full of tourists, seems to be free of coach tours…or at least it was midweek at this time of the year.

We were staying just out of town in Fulbrook- about a 10 minute walk away, so this pictorial tour of Burford starts at the bridge over the River Windrush.


It looks a tad many- but that’s because it was raining…promise…


From here you head up the hill.


Down to the left in, wait for it, Church Lane is a norman church- a pretty famous one, by all accounts. Although it has norman beginnings, extensions over the years, and sponsorships by wealthy wool (amongst other) merchants has given it a spire


given the figures in the stonework their heads back (they were removed during the reformation)


and an impressive collection of bale tombs- so called apparently because the tops look like bales of wool. I couldn’t see it myself, but wandering through the grounds was an interesting piece of social history- the oldest readable stone here is from the 17th century.


Back up in the main street, there are plenty of gift shops…


sweets shops…


a cheese shop (that I’m munching on purchases from right now- along with sloe gin from the same place)…


and another that specialised in English gourmet fare and great window displays…


a butchers that Grant wanted to buy partridge from…


a place that advertised themselves as about fly fishing and dog accessories…


another that sold just brushes…


a great bookshop- I so want to know about drying wood the Scandinavian way…


and plenty of galleries and antique shops.

When you’re sick of shopping, there’s plenty of places for tea (we stopped at the Bay Hotel in Sheep St- which has links back to the Exchequer during Queen Elizabeth’s (the first one) reign.


or a pint and a meal.


Up every street are rows of character filled buildings.



cute widow displays or vine and berry covered exteriors.


And when you get to the top of the hill? Come back down the other way.



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5 thoughts

  1. Just amazing…. Though I’m wondering sort of brushes the brush store sells. I think I’d just hang out at pubs….

    I’m surprised at how many cars are parked on the street… not too quiet then!

    1. Not quiet at all. The brush shop sold every type of brush imaginable- and unimaginable. As for the pubs? Yep, you can spend hours & hours in them.

  2. Wow, that takes me back, gorgeous, looked EXACTLY the same 20 years ago! Burford was my first Cotswold Village so very memorable. The weather looks just as it should, I’d actually be disappointed for you if it didn’t rain! Great Photos.
    Trust Grant is enjoying driving the muddy narrow country lanes.

    1. Hey Leese! The weather IS exactly as it should be! Grant is loving being in a manual car again & loving driving the lanes.

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