Sardine at Seminyak…


Every so often you have one of those dining experiences. You know the sort- where everything is as it should be. The food is just what you felt like, and the décor is just as it should be, and the day is just right, and the company is who you love it to be, and the ducks are just too cute.


Yes, the ducks.

Sardine is set in working rice fields, and working rice fields come with ducks- but you’ll need to be here for lunch to see them- although apparently the atmosphere for sundowners is pretty special too…although the ducks would be asleep.


Enough about the ducks.


The restaurant itself is in a pretty fabulous looking bamboo pavilion that somehow manages to catch what breeze is available. The fans take care of the rest.


The art was mostly done by one of the owners. It all works perfectly in this space.


Speaking of which, the creators of Sardine are a French chef and a Slovenian artist/ interior designer. They met and fell in love in the Caribbean, and somehow ended up in Bali for a holiday. Like many others, they forgot to go home. Both are usually on the floor, and will pop around to say hello to all the guests.


Anyways, the food. The seafood is sourced fresh daily from the markets, and the vegies and herbs from their own garden. As a result, the menu changes constantly.

We started with cocktails…ok, I started with a cocktail. A coconut martini with pandan caviar and basil seed. I’m a bit of a martini girl- it’s my cocktail of choice. You can keep all your fruity, creamy, plastic animaly concoctions, I’ll be happy with a gin (or vodka) martini with the vermouth wafted across the top. This one was good…and just how cute does it look?


Here’s a close up…


What was next?

Yellowfin tuna tartare (yes, I ate raw fish in Bali…but when it’s this fresh…) with avocado and a wakame seaweed salad for me,



and smoked sardines and potato salad for Mr T.


Main course was pan roasted mahi mahi with curried rice for Mr T,


and the catch of the day for me- served with prawn wontons and a coconut and lemongrass sauce.


I don’t eat dessert- well, not more than a few times a year. This was one of those times. I couldn’t resist the coconut sorbet (although Mr T said that as a dessert, it didn’t count),


while he went for the trifle. Just how pretty does that look?


Afterward we went for a wander through the garden,


chatted to the ducks some more, and wished that we weren’t getting on a plane home that night.


Author: Jo

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