Practice packs…


So anyways, my husband said something this morning that filled me with horror:

‘Hey darlin’…I think we need to do a practice pack.’

‘A what?’

‘A practice pack.’

‘But we don’t leave for another two weeks.’

‘Yes, but we’re packing for winter and summer and need to make sure that we have enough room.’

‘Of course we have enough room.’

‘How do you know?’

‘I just do.’

I’m the worst packer in history…but given that this is the confessional, I know that my secret is safe with you.

Fortunately my husband is one of the best.

I’m a last minute packer.

I’m a no planning packer.

I’m a no list packer.

I’m a light packer.

I’m a roll it up and shove it all in the suitcase packer.

The best example of this was the first time I went to Hong Kong. I was travelling for business for a week with a colleague. Because it was a last minute trip and we were getting the kitchen ripped out while I was away, and I had an article due, I left even thinking about the trip until after the word count was done and the kitchen emptied out. As a result, I didn’t even start packing until he called to say he was in the car leaving his house.

Twenty minutes later as the car pulled up outside my place, I zipped the suitcase closed. I really had no idea what was inside it, but figured I could buy whatever I needed over there.

Later that night at Hong Kong airport, we realised that the one thing both of us had forgotten was Hong Kong dollars. Luckily between the two of us we had enough aussie to change for sufficient HKD to get two tickets on the train into the city, plus a coffee and a donut each…. following which he was sent off in search of an ATM to get the cash we needed for a taxi to the hotel.

Anyways, that night when I opened my suitcase, everything had moved and squashed. It’s always a little like that after I pack- no matter how long I take.

When my husband packs, everything arrives as it was packed.

He folds and he rolls and he bags shoes and shampoos. He fills the gaps with undies and socks and small stuff, and layers it all. Then he fastens it all in place with those claspy things inside the bag.

I use those claspy things too, but I generally pile clothes into two towering piles, shove the toiletry bags the shoes somewhere in the middle.  Then I pull the claspy things rather ineffectually over the mess. Inevitably, during the flight, the piles topple into each other.

The thing is, as messy as my method is, I know where everything is in the bag.

His layers are so neat, and usually mix all of our clothes together, so by the time I find what I’m looking for, it doesn’t really look a whole lot different to if I’d packed it in the first place!

Oh, and in defence of myself, aside from the Hong Kong dollars incident, I’ve never yet forgotten anything important…Sometimes it seems that the quicker I pack, and the less thought that goes into it, the smaller the risk of forgetting anything.

Which is why I don’t see the need for a practice pack. I need winter stuff for Britain, and a few beach dresses, a pair of swimmers and some havaianas for Phuket. Seriously, how hard can it be?

What’s your packing method?

Are you neat and tidy? Do you use a list? Are you a last minute packer like me or just a little more prepared?

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  1. I’m not sure whether it’s just because I’m travelling so much, but I usually have everything I need in mind. It’s been some time that I used a packing list for the last time. I think it’s all about experience 🙂

    1. I think you’re right. I can do a Bali or NZ or Asia pack in 10 minutes…but it’s been 20 years since we were in Europe & we have no idea just how cold it’s likely to be. 20 years! Man, that’s a lifetime! Thanks for dropping by.

      1. Europe is crazy when it comes to temperatures. At the moment, it’s totally amazing, but next week we may already have snow again. Not quite easy for packing 😀

  2. I must admit I’m a ‘list’ packer and a ‘lay it all out on the spare bed and make sure the outfits work’ type of packer, particularly for a long trip. But I’m trying to wean myself off this type of packing, I generally end up packing a load of ‘what if’ type clothes and ‘you never know, I might need them,’ shoes. Have a brilliant time in Europe 🙂

  3. I used to pack early, now I’m day/night before but I have it down to an art -barely take anything and yet still seem to have something I don’t end up wearing…

  4. Isn’t that always the way? I’m like that with trainers and gym gear- take it with good intentions and end up preferring to go for a walk. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Oh gosh, I hate packing with a passion. I usually have a list, but still manage to forget things or over pack. How is that possible? Enjoy your trip. Sounds fabulous.

  6. I try to plan but yeah…unless it’s for a big trip (like moving internationally where you will only have a suitcase for a few months) it really doesn’t matter.

  7. I dislike packing but hate unpacking even more. My suitcase / bag (including the plastic bags I use when I go to my mum’s) just sit on the spare bed until slowly I’ve plucked everything out of it to use and it’s empty.

    I’m a light packer but then again haven’t had to travel anywhere for any length of time for yonks!

    It sounds like you’re on top of things so I’d avoid the practice pack! 🙂

    1. Oh unpacking! Unless it’s done the day I get back, that suitcase will still have stuff in it a week (or two) later.

  8. Your relationship with your husband sounds exactly like mine. He is the packer in our family. If I ever have a go at it he has to re-do it. I just roll with it now – at least it gets me out of packing!

  9. I am more like your husband. I usually start putting aside things I think I will need days before. Especially homeopathic remedies, gluten free food, toilietries and eletrical plugs adaptors for all my eletronic devices. Obviously all neatly packed in small plastic cases. Enjoy your trip on this side of the pond.

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