It’s a wrap: Week 7

The Malaya
Popiah at The Malaya

As I begin writing this it’s 7.18am and the neighbour behind us has had power tools going for approximately 18 minutes. He’s entitled to – it’s Saturday and it’s after 7am. The problem is though – and it’s my problem, not his – I didn’t get in until just before 1 and I have a headache and a mouth that feels like the bottom of a birdcage. Yes, tequila shots were involved – and everyone knows: tequila rarely ends well.

Not to worry, I’ll be backing up with another group of friends tonight – but this time at our house – and again tomorrow evening.

Anyways, as the rest of my house slumbers on, let’s wrap up the week…

Best news of the week…


Our house sold! Yay triple yay!

Here we all are looking happy. Our agent had to crop the pick because I’d come home from work and swapped my work shoes for havaianas. Not a good look.

Where I ate…

We had a farewell to one of our favourite Sydney restaurants – The Malaya. The food was, as it always is, spicily fabulous. The company was even better – despite the temperature feeling as though the gates of hell had opened up.

The pic at the top of this post is popiah: thin pastry skins filled with sliced chicken, king prawns, shallot, vermicelli and beansprouts. Served with a sweet chilli sauce and ground fresh peanut and cashew nut. They’re like spring rolls, but if spring rolls had been elevated into something much yummier.


We also had otak otak – white fish fillet minced with chilli and spices, wrapped in a banana leaf and barbequed – and a variety of curries…including a lethal pork sambal.



What I drank…

Way too much. I suspect I’ll need to give my liver an almighty rest when all of this is over!


What I bookmarked…

The usual travel inspiration, and a meme that Larry Emdur posted for Valentines Day that had me laughing out loud on the bus.


What I read…


The Secret Wife, by Gill Paul. I’m not really a saga type of person – the commitment is generally too much for me – but I am a bit of a sucker for a story that takes an historical event and asks what if? So it is with The Secret Wife. Paul takes well known facts about the Romanov’s and asks what if…I won’t say what if, just in case it’s a spoiler for you. In any case, she shifts between modern day and WW1 and the post war years seamlessly. A good read.

What made me laugh…


This meme. We have my parent’s corgi, Tuftan, staying with us at present, so I showed him. He was not amused.


What I blogged…

The usual amount of astro weather posts over at Jo Tracey Astrology including something about the sun moving into Pisces later today. I even quote Shelley in it:

and the moonbeams kiss the sea…

Just how beautiful is that line?

On the author site I popped up something about ways to deal with writer’s block, and here there was something about why I’m not into Valentine’s Day and this one about the (fashion) rules at 50. I got my scheduling wrong, though, and it was dated last week. Not to worry – it was a tad ranty anyway.

That was my week – how was yours? Any highlights?

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  1. It’s such good news about the house. My bestie’s house sold in NZ as well (for way more than they expected) so she’s happy also. It makes such a difference if it happens quickly. I’ve had two that were on the market for 3mths each and it got old really quickly. Luckily on two other occasions my places sold quickly!

    I love the look of the popiah… though maybe without the prawns!

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