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So, what do you think?

About the new website theme?

I’ve had the old one now for a few years and with all the other change that’s happening, it felt like it was time to change this site as well.

I’ve even created a logo for myself using canva. As an aside, if you haven’t faffed about a bit with canva, you’re seriously missing out. It is, in my humble opinion, the best tool for at-home design work.

I’ve kept the title and the tagline the same – andandyways…the rambles of a hungry writer. Aside from the occasional ranty post, this site is where I blog travel, food, cooking etc.

But why the sea turtle in the logo?

A tarot reader told me many years ago that I had the sign of the traveller in me – the sea turtle, he said, symbolizes the navigator. He also told me I was descended from travellers – more specifically gypsies. And that part is true. Romany gypsies…not that I told him so.

Perhaps it was a load of whatever, who knows, but it’s stayed with me. In fact, I even use the symbol on my iphone case. (If you’re interested, ibark in Byron Bay do a range of sustainable wood iphone cases that can be customized with a design for an additional $10.)

I have this design on my IP7 case...
I have this design on my IP7 case…

Since then I’ve also learnt that the sea turtle is an important symbol in Polynesian culture and is connected to long life, wellness, fertility, union, family and harmony.

The sea is regarded as both the source of food and also the final resting place – or world beyond. And because the sea turtle returns to the beach of her birth to lay her eggs (through a series of magnetic signatures – whatever that means) there’s a belief that they will bring you to your destination too.

Pretty cool concept, right?

I’m taking this one step further and using it also as the logo on a brand new site that I’ll be launching when I move to the Sunshine Coast. I’m madly duplicating content from previous holidays, but it will chart my exploration of my new home and surrounding areas.

So tell me…what do you think?

Oh, as an aside, I purchased the image via deposit photos on a standard license ( I only require an extended if I was trademarking the logo or selling the website design). The image was created by dobrynina_art.

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    1. Thanks. I’m madly trying to move some content specific to sunny coast stuff across to my new one dedicated just to sunny coast things – like your Freasercoasting

  1. Magenta signatures of not, I doubt this Turtle will be returning to the place of her birth…Bankstown hahahahha

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