Friday Five…

So anyways, I’ve been on a bit of a treasure hunt of sorts this week- looking for information. This whole research thing is, for me, an unfamiliar place to be- especially when it comes to writing. You see, the sort of loosely based series of four (or maybe […]

glow lamp

Shiny New Ideas…

So anyways, I have this idea. It’s a new and very shiny idea. It’s an idea that, as soon as my friend Andy suggested it (over a beer, and as a bit of fun) all the way back in February, that I’ve found myself thinking about and thinking […]


Pura Luhur Batukau…

So anyways, this temple is different to the others we’ve been to on this and previous trips. There are no touts, no buses, and no shops. It’s cool- well, relatively so- and quiet. We can hear birds, we can hear priests chanting, and the tingle of a little […]


Friday Five…

So anyways, it’s a long weekend here this weekend. I’ve made it an extra long one by taking today off work. I’m catch up on some writing tasks, some maintenance tasks (goodbye grey hair…), and some long overdue astro related stuff. Tonight I’m off for a few relaxing […]


Cover Up…

  So anyways, with Big Girls Don’t Cry away being copy edited, it’s time to turn my attention to other stuff- like covers and blurbs and figuring out the whole print thing. For the cover, I’ll be using Jacinda May again. I think she captured the feel of Baby, […]


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