So anyways, it was Valentines Day lunch, and, old romantics that we are, we’d chosen to spend it with a couple of close friends- who are so newly togethered that they shouldn’t have been spending it with the three of us! It’s easy not to […]

Looking out over Smiths Creek

Cottage Point Kiosk

So anyways, I’m on this mission to discover new places to eat in Sydney. One of my friends has spent the last 12 months in Melbourne, and she had rules around their adventures to ensure they didn’t do the “can’t be faffed thinking about somewhere […]


App Road Test: Candy Camera

So anyways, some of you know how partial I am to a photo app or three- especially as a procrastination device… Enter Candy Camera (available on iTunes and android). I’ve been crushing on Matt Crump’s work for a while now through instagram, and wanted a filter […]

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Operation Excess Baggage Week 6

So anyways, I was going to start this post with some comment about how being wine free has made my life wonderful. It hasn’t. I’m not missing it (surprisingly) and the whole alcohol free thing is, quite frankly, a bit of a let down. My […]

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from our table

The Arms…at Newport

So anyways, the other day at a friend’s place, I talked about the plan- to try somewhere different for lunch or breakfast on a weekend…and, in the process, explore a little. Some weeks it might be just the 3 of us, sometimes, with friends- but […]


Spirit House…

So anyways, I’ve written before about Spirit House. I’ve written even more times about Spirit House recipes. I love the place- I’ve told you that before too- which is why we’ve booked in every time we’ve been on the Coast over the last however many years. […]