Writers block


  So anyways, I did a little procrastibaking on the weekend. It started on Friday afternoon. The day had been Busy, with a capital B. Thursday had been the same. You know it’s been busy day in the office when you achieve your daily step target without stepping […]


Cooking the Books…

The kitchen smelt very much like anzac biscuits, but gingery anzac biscuits. Or what gingery anzac biscuits would smell like if they were turned into the base of a gingery anzacy slice. In the oven was the ginger oaty slice from The Cook and The Baker. I’m on […]


Friday Five…

So anyways, it’s Friday again. There’s a light show of epic proportions going on outside, and I’ve spent the last few hours procrastibaking and dancing around the house listening to Abba. Yep, it’s been that sort of week. Given that my mother always says ‘if you can’t say […]


Friday Five…

I don’t know about you, but I go helter skelter into the week each Monday, that by Friday I sometimes have no idea what’s up and what’s down. Let alone what’s happened. Instead I get to 5pm on Friday and exhale.


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