How does the saying go? Manly- seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care…or something like that. Anyways, I’ve written about it before…here. To todays Sydney weekender… The Occasion… Miss 17s belated birthday. Her brief- a day out by the beach with Mexican street food. Where we […]



One of the reasons I love to travel in Asia is the street food. When we’re away, we go away with a list of great restaurants manned by well known chefs…and end up at the hawker stall around the corner. It’s not necessarily a cost thing- although, obviously, sometimes […]


App Roadtest: Pro HDR

Sure the new iPhones come with an HDR function, but there’s HDR, and then there’s HDR…know what I’m saying? What, I hear you ask, is HDR? High Dynamic Range Imaging. And what does that mean? Essentially 2 or 3 photos are taken at different exposure levels and combined- […]


17 years ago today….

Seventeen years ago today our lives changed. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl…thank you for being so extraordinarily, breathtakingly, wonderfully, laugh out loud, you. With all our love… xxx    

a photo of the photo in the book

How to make…Beef Rendang

So anyways, the other day I promised you a beef rendang recipe and despite spell checks attempts to turn it into a beef reading or a beef rending recipe, here it is. I remember writing about beef rendang once before in a post for something or another. I’d […]


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