Rose St Carpark…and the Market

A blog about a carpark? Really? Well, sort of. This isn’t just any carpark. This is a carpark in Fitzroy…across the road from Rose St Market. That means that this is a blog about street art in a carpark…and a market. Got it? The Carpark All […]

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Friday 5: Why I Love My Fitbit

I have a confession…. Secretly I’m a numbers person. To those who know me well, this will come as a surprise. To those who know me really well, it’s probably no surprise at all. Numbers are especially important when it comes to weight. If I […]


Hosier Lane…an update

So anyways, I’ve written a few times about my love for street art. I love it’s transitory nature, I love how it adds colour to the urban landscape. I’ve written more about how well I think Melbourne does it. Somehow it feels more organic and […]

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One of my colleagues in the partition job was recently disappointed out of a trip to Melbourne. Before I left on Thursday afternoon, I attempted to console her. ‘Don’t be envious,’ I said. ‘I won’t be doing any shopping- well hardly any shopping…just Christmas presents, […]

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Friday 5: Airports

So, I’m writing this on Thursday, but I’m publishing on Friday, so it counts. I’m also writing this from Sydney Airport, where Miss 16 and I are about to jump on a plane & head down to Melbourne for a girlie long weekend. It seems […]

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Changing Rooms

So anyways, I’ve spent the last few days painting our bedroom. Despite the jokes that I’ve substantially reduced the square meterage of our house with all the coats of paint that I’ve thrown at it over the years, I’ve only painted our bedroom once- and […]

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Number Five

Friday Five…it’s back!

I haven’t done one of these since…since I can’t remember! Anyways, here goes: What I’m loving My new seriously tacky, but oh so cute, solar powered lanterns. I’ve hung them outside in the pergola and at night they give a really cool glow…but not much […]