Old Balwill, Buchlyvie

I was going to show you around a couple of castles- Stirling and Edinburgh- but given that Sarah is currently suffering an overdose of history and doesn’t care whether she ever hears anything about Robert the Bruce, William Wallace or the Jacobites again, I figured we’d have a break […]



One of my strongest memories from when we were here twenty years ago, was of standing in the glen at Glencoe in the Scots mist and seeing one of those F number fighter jets come screaming through the glen- quite low. Then I heard the roar of it. […]


In search of Nessie…

Scotland has an incredibly rich and lyrical history. The sort of history that romantic heroes and stories are created from- despite the inherent violence and cruelty that was at the base of much of it. No doubt there’ll be more of that when we’re down in William Wallace […]


Weather, Wool, Whisky and Witches…

  Apparently the Scots have over 50 words for weather. Actually, I made that up- I used the line in Baby It’s You too, but that’s another story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really did have that many words for weather. Dreich is that sort of miserable weather- grey […]


The Highlands…

The landscape started to change soon after crossing the bridge over the Firth of Forth. Speaking of the bridge, it’s a mighty great suspension bridge, magnificent, but without the romance of the cantilevered Forth rail bridge that runs beside it. By the time we’d entered Perthshire, the mountains […]


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