watching an approaching storm

Operation Excess Baggage Week 15

So anyways, some seriously random shit went down this week- not to me, but around me…to people I love. People who don’t deserve seriously random shit of this nature. Seriously random. The sort of thing that makes you question why…and then sends you running back to check in […]


Lime Week: The Best Bits

So anyways, my family isn’t big on warm vegetable salads. Miss 17 turns her nose up at the slightest mention of zucchini or eggplant. When I announced we were having a warm salad to go with our barbecued steak as the first meal in Lime Week, the enthusiasm […]


Operation Excess Baggage Week 14- Back in Step

There’s nothing like a culinary challenge to get the creativity flowing- and this week that was inspired by the generosity of my lime tree. Our evening meals all week have all included lime- in some way. It’s been mindfully healthy- despite the pic of the vodka, lime and soda […]


Welcome to Lime Week

So anyways, my lime tree has been extremely generous of late. This weekends harvest is in the pic above. I’ll pass some over the fence this afternoon and take some into the office tomorrow, but there’ll be plenty left for…whatever. My daughter said it best when I brought […]


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