Friday Five- The Happiness Post

So anyways, it’s been an up and down week. I was supposed to spend last weekend painting, but my back was a tad on the dodgy side, so I decided to play it safe and instead attacked my bookcases and the paperwork that had been building up in […]

Illustration depicting a set of cut out letters formed to arrange the word rules.

Something about rules…

So anyways, this weeks topic for the confessional link up is rules- the ones you live (or don’t live) by. I don’t like rules. They form boundaries, structures and define responsibilities- all concepts that I struggle with…I also struggle with titles and defined job descriptions…but that’s another story […]


Hawkesbury Harvest…

So anyways, I got chatting to the guy selling the milk. He was telling me about the coffee beans that he uses in his breakfast milk. They come from Vanuatu, and have been grown in a collective of local producers organised by this Kiwi guy. It was a […]


Friday Five…on a Saturday

So anyways, I toddled off to get my long overdue blood tests results the other day. I felt work early and up I went…and waited…for well over an hour past my scheduled appointment time. At first I got impatient. Listening to everyone coughing and spluttering in the surgery, […]


What’s your thing?

So anyways, I don’t talk much about my partition job- other than to mention those weeks that have been more stressful than others. I don’t even have many details about it on my linked in profile. There’s no ulterior motive in that. It is what it is…i like […]


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