Coconut sorbet at Sardine

Friday Five…

So anyways, it’s been back to the partition and back to reality this week. I’ve tried to keep the Bali feeling going for just a tad longer- and still have some random posts to write in order to drag it out even further. I’m still wearing my mantra […]


Baby It’s You- The Launch Parties…

So anyways, I went back to work yesterday after 2 fabulous  weeks. The return was remarkably pain-free. The usual 3million emails, of course, but other than that, remarkably pain-free. One of my colleagues asked me this morning when my book was out. It’s something that I’ve spoken of, […]


There’s a Bali for everyone…

So anyways, I made a comment on Facebook the other day that went something like this: I love this resort, but what really peeves me is how people- especially large family groups- rush down before brekky to commandeer the prime possies then don’t bother coming down for hours. […]


Wapa di Ume…revisited…

So anyways, I’ve told you about Wapa Di Ume before– last year in fact. We had such a great stay last year, that we came back- this time for longer. We enjoyed the same peace, the same gorgeous surrounds, the same friendly staff, but as the result of […]


Out and About in Ubud

So anyways, the main street of Ubud feels just like any main street in a main town in Bali- chaotic. Of course you’ll want to wander around the Palace. Walk a little away from the Palace, though, and things feel different- quieter, more like a state of mind […]


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