Changing Rooms…

So anyways, I told you that I’d been painting Miss 17’s room? Over the years, this room has had a few coats of paint. When we moved in, back in 1999, it was a pale salmony pink with those wallpaper borders that were so popular back in the […]

image courtesy of: deposit photos

Something about self-delusion…

So anyways, this weeks theme for the confessional booth is lies…. I could say that I’m not a great liar, but that would be a lie. I’m very good at those little manipulative, avoidance lies. The lies that you tell by not telling an actual lie. I’m a […]

Summer drink with blur beach on background

Friday Five…and something about ambrosia salad

So anyways, I was walking along beside Homebush Bay the other lunchtime, when I burst out giggling. Giggling when walking alone probably isn’t the smartest thing to do- especially not at lunchtime and dressed for the partition- but giggle is what I did. The podcast I was listening […]

Antique radio on retro background

5 Podcasts for Writers…

So anyways, I’m drafting this as I wait for Miss T at maths tutoring. I have a seat outside the maths classroom at one of the local high schools- incidentally not the one she goes to. The memories it brings back are not comforting. There is no heating […]


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