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The Nigella Diaries – Lemon Creams and Shortbread

You might have noticed a distinct bias towards lemon-flavoured puddings on this page. You wouldn’t be wrong – and here’s another. This one is sort of like a creamy lemon curd – without any of the stirring and worrying about lumpy bits…. Read More

A market update…and tuna 3 ways

I know that officially it’s still August – just – but Spring has unofficially sprung here on the Sunshine Coast. The fruit and veggies that had been missing from the markets over the winter are now beginning to reappear, and we’re eating… Read More

How to make peanut butter chocolate chip biscuits…

It’s the Queen’s Birthday long weekend here in Sydney, and I should be writing…which means, of course, that I’m baking. These peanut butter chocolate chip biscuits are super easy to mix up, super quick to bake, and taste super tasty- especially with… Read More

How to make Louise Cake…

So anyways, I’m now deadline free- for the first time since the beginning of February. When I say deadline free, I mean freelance deadline free- the next draft of Finding John Smith (or whatever I end up deciding the title should be)… Read More

How to make chicken biryani…

Miss T had her braces (Nusa Dua, as we’d affectionately come to call them: the top row was the price of airfares and the bottom was accommodation) taken off a couple of weeks ago- just in time for her 18th birthday. She’d… Read More

Cooking the Books…and how to make Empire Slice

As I’ve been banging on for a few weeks now, I’m deep in deadline territory. That’s ok- I tend to respond well to dates and milestones. It’s settled into a bit of a manic rhythm: corporate gig during the week, blogging during… Read More

How to make oaty ginger slice…

  My Kiwi BFF used to make lolly cakes for work morning teas. It was one of those fridge set cakes that involved a lot of condensed milk, some crushed malt biscuits, chopped lollies and desiccated coconut. It’s then sliced so the lollies… Read More

Cooking the books: Cauliflower

If you’ve read Big Girls Don’t Cry, you might have come across a support character Max. Don’t worry if you missed her- it was a very brief appearance, mainly designed to set up the book I’m working on now. She’s the star… Read More

More than 10 things to do with egg whites…

So anyways, sometime after the ice cream had gone into the churner and before it ended up on Miss 17, the floor, the wall and the dog, I asked the following question of my Facebook friends: Question to foodie friends- other than… Read More

How to make: Pain Au Chocolat Cinnamon Rolls

So anyways, every so often a recipe comes along that’s so mind bogglingly simple it couldn’t possibly work…and if it did work, it couldn’t possibly taste good….yet somehow it does. This is one of those. It started because I’ve been listening to… Read More