How to make chicken biryani…

Spices and herbs. Curry, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon over wood

Miss T had her braces (Nusa Dua, as we’d affectionately come to call them: the top row was the price of airfares and the bottom was accommodation) taken off a couple of weeks ago- just in time for her 18th birthday. She’d been dreaming of the moment she could bite into a crisp whole apple again, and she was hanging out for a plate of pork ribs.

What she hadn’t realised was that once the braces came off, her teeth would feel a tad soft and sensitive to start with, and it wasn’t until the weekend just gone that she felt confident to treat a hickory smoked pork rib with the respect that it deserved.

It got me thinking about the things that we crave. Those dishes that bring comfort and soothe an anxious mind far better (and with less of a bitter after taste) than a Xanax ever could.

For me it’s always going to be mac cheese- of any variety- but these days the mac attack goes down as well as it ever did, but the lactose doesn’t love my tummy as much as it did when I was younger.

Then there’s Hainanese Chicken. Oh how I love this. But to cook it at home needs planning. The chook is far better if it’s drizzled with sesame oil and cooled under cling wrap- and I had no time for that.

Next on my list is chicken biryani.

It’s the butter chicken you have when you can’t be faffed putting butter chicken on to cook in the slow cooker. To be clear, I’m under no illusions that my chicken biryani is authentic in any way- and to be even clearer…I seriously don’t care. I love this dish.

It’s sort of like a yoghurty spiced chicken with rice- and seriously, what could be better? We always go a tad heavier on the spice, and a tad heavier on the yoghurt (I hate a dry biryani), and add cashews instead of almonds…but that’s us. I posted the recipe here once before. With a really bad and boring photo.

One day I’ll style my food…or maybe not.

Oh, and it’s gluten free. That’s important.

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  1. I only ever take food pics if I’m out and usually only for instagram and to tag a local page which shares Fraser Coast food pics.

    My comfort food is (without a doubt) hot chips.

    PS. The first thing I thought when I looked at the list of ingredients was that there was too many for me to think about trying it and I note I said something similar at the time! (Good to see I’m consistently lazy!)

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