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The Nigella Diaries: About Chocolate

In the introduction to this recipe – which she calls Sticky Chocolate Pudding – Nigella tells us that her family refers to this as Lemon Surprise; the surprise being that there is no lemon. Seriously though, Nigella’s Sticky Chocolate Pudding is essentially… Read More

The Nigella Diaries: Sunday Lunch

When we were in Britain during winter a few years ago the one thing we tried to do each week – with mixed success – was to find a pub for Sunday lunch. The most memorable of these was at a pub… Read More

The Nigella Diaries – Hollandaise Sauce

Try as I might whenever we’re out for breakfast or, for that matter, brunch, I can’t seem to resist the eggs benedict. To me, it’s the one dish a café’s breakfast should be judged on. Sure I’m partial to a smashed avocado… Read More