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It’s our wedding anniversary today – 27 years married and 33 together. Sometimes it feels as though it’s a lifetime, and I guess it is. At other times it feels as though it passed in a flash. Which it has.

We’ve both changed a lot over the years. I’m a lot heavier than I was when we were married (you seriously don’t want to know how much) and my hair was a lot shorter and darker back then. He, on the other hand, is in much better shape than he was back then.

As with all partnerships, there have been ups and downs and places in between. Thankfully though, more ups than downs. As a result, he’s still my favourite person to travel through life with – both actually and figuratively. Good marriages do require work and (again) thankfully we’ve been prepared to do that over the years.

Sarah’s home tonight for the weekend (and Mother’s Day) so before we went out for dinner last night to celebrate, he came home with these flowers.

‘There’s a funny story about these,’ he said as I arranged them in the vase. ‘I’d ordered some to be delivered and…’

Right here I’ll pause and mention that in the 33 years we’ve been together, while he does buy flowers for me from time to time (never as an apology – he’s knows how I feel about that – and often when I’m not expecting them which is the absolute best time to buy flowers) he’s never had flowers delivered to me. (Another aside – that doesn’t worry me in the least.)

Surprise anniversary flowers from the hotel foyer in Singapore on our 25th anniversary

He has, however, tried. On the anniversary of our first year together he ordered roses from a florist in Canberra who called on the morning and said they couldn’t compete the order. The next year he bought a card with flowers on the outside and a message inside: this is what the flowers I ordered look like in case he doesn’t deliver again. It’s something we’ve joked about ever since.

But, back to my story.

‘So,’ he continued, ‘I get a call this morning from the flower place to tell me they couldn’t complete the order – they’d run out of gerberas because of Mother’s Day.’ Gerberas and daisies happen to be my favourite flowers.

After Grant expressed surprise that they’d taken more orders than they could complete, the florist said, ‘but we can deliver them on Tuesday.’

‘That’s great, but our anniversary is tomorrow.’

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘they were for an event. I thought they were for Mother’s Day.’

‘Would it have made a difference?’

‘No,’ she said. ‘We still don’t have enough gerberas.’

He then rang around another 4 florists – all of whom were still advertising delivery for Mother’s Day, but all of whom said they had no stock on hand to sell to my husband.

On the way home last night he called in at Woolworths where there were two bunches of drooping sad looking apology style flowers left in the bucket. Getting back in the car he stopped at Coles where he bought these.

‘So,’ he said, after telling me the whole story, ‘it’s happened again. Twice I’ve ordered flowers for you and twice they haven’t been delivered.’

He shook his head. ‘I won’t risk a third.’

It really is the thought that counts. The man’s a keeper.

us – back in the day

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  1. It’s the stories in our long married lived that keep us smiling too…Happy Anniversary Grant & Jo!

      1. Yes…and the moments that only the two of you can share and joke about …Thanks so much for linking up for Life This Week, reading the post on Knowing by my husband Bernard and for your kind words. He tells me, despite earlier thoughts, that he would like another go at this blog thing sometime this year. Looking forward to seeing your post for Share Your Snaps (optional of course!) next Monday, 17 May 2021. Denyse

  2. Aw, happy anniversary!! What a funny story! My husband has only had flowers delivered to me twice– once when I was in high school and had to get called to the principal’s office to pick them up and once when I was working as a teacher at the school where the principal actually delivered them to me.

  3. Congratulations! Obviously, Grant’s heart is in the right place and he didn’t give up until he achieved the goal of presenting you with beautiful flowers. That’s a good man. May is a big month for me too – birthday, anniversary, mother’s day. Lots to celebrate. Malcolm has never had flowers delivered to me either, but he picks up little market bouquets frequently. Guess I’ll keep him too.

    1. His heart is absolutely in the right place. I’ve never been the woman who expects flowers so when they’re brought home – any flowers from anywhere – it’s a massive thing for me and shows he was thinking about me. Love really is a verb.

  4. Happy Anniversary – and it’s the thought that counts! I’ve told my husband that I never want flowers delivered – they’re SO expensive and I’d rather use the money for something else. BUT a bunch of flowers from Coles is always nice – not as flash, but still appreciated. Good on Grant for still making the effort – that’s true love x

  5. Bless him! What a keeper! Happy anniversary and congratulations! What an achievement – I know people say marriage is easy but I think a good marriage takes work so yay you guys! In cases like this, it’s definitely the thought that counts. Sadly, I married a man who doesn’t really believe in flowers but he has lots of other qualities that balance things out! As for so many florists overselling, what’s with that?! Hope you had a blooming wonderful weekend celebrating motherhood and marriage!

  6. That is so lovely about giving you the card! A very night thought. Happy anniversary and I wish you many more!

  7. Great story! I’ve never been a big fan of delivered flowers… way too expensive and short-lived. Make me something delicious to eat or do me an unexpected favor – that’s way more meaningful. Your husband is definitely a keeper (and, I expect, he thinks the same about you 🙂 ).

  8. Happy anniversary! Glad you’ve got your keeper. I got some lovely flowers for Mother’s Day – two full weeks before the event. Sometimes the timing is a little off but the thought was there and a far better selection!

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