5 things – Hervey Bay (the dog-friendly version)

Looking out from Sarah’s unit

We spent last weekend in Hervey Bay – a town I’m loving more every time we visit.

This time we were up to celebrate Sarah’s birthday so Adventure Spaniel came along too. Given that there’s a no dogs policy at Sarah’s unit, that meant finding a dog friendly Air BNB & dog friendly cafes.

Anyways, here’s the 5…

1.Where we stayed

Tropical Reflections in Scarness. You can find it here.

I didn’t take any photos inside (but the photos on their site are close to the mark), but this place is clean, was quiet at night, had air-conditioning (necessary) and was absolutely functional. It would probably be a tad crowded if there was more than 2 people there, but the little outdoor area (pictured above) provides extra space.

Most importantly it’s completely dog-friendly – right down to the fully fenced secure yard.

2. Cafe Balaena

We always have lunch or dinner out to celebrate birthdays and Cafe Balaena at the Urangan marina and, therefore, mere steps from Sarah’s unit was a great choice.

Also dog friendly (although one man gave us the evil eye when he sat down near us and realised there was a well-behaved cocker spaniel sitting under the table minding her own business) the food is good too.

Sarah had a seafood fettuccine, Grant went for the seafood chowder and I chose the coral trout.

3. Sundowners and Seafood platters

It was a full moon last Saturday night and we watched it over the ocean. (The pink drink is Sarah’s pink gin – which she has a thing for and which I don’t…)

We’d skipped breakfast and had an early lunch – which meant we had room for some local seafood which we picked up from Urangan fisheries. On the platter was crab, crayfish and prawns.

4. Hervey Bay General Store

Just up the road in Urangan is this gem.

It’s run by the people whose Air BNB we stayed at and whose taco truck we ate from back in December. They’ve only had the cafe for a few months but it’s a winner.

Inside is quite quirky. There’s a main dining room, but also little corners and rooms off the main one, with swinging chairs and plants and other cool little things which are very much the style of their Air BNB and give it all quite a homey feel. There is also plenty of seating outside.

Aside from making great tacos, the owner is into keto so there are always keto options on the menu, and plenty of veg heavy and whole food choices. We, however, we there for brekky and that was not part of the decision-making process. Besides, we knew we’d be skipping lunch for the drive home.

I had the breakfast skillet – an egg cooked with spicy tomatoes and spinach with beans on the side – Sares went with the eggs benedict and Grant opted for a toastie (which came with waffle fries). Adventure Spaniel sat under the table and accepted pats from the wait staff.

5. Burrum Heads

Sarah was off to play golf (or should that read to play at playing golf?) so we planned to hit the road late morning. Before we did though, we took a quick trip about 40kms up the coast to Burrum Heads.

Oh my goodness it’s lovely up here. Quiet, a few houses, a jetty, a caravan park and a small strip of shops – basic groceries, fish and chips, a real estate agent. I immediately declared I wanted to rent one of the beachfront houses as a writing retreat.

On the drive back to the Bay we turned off and had a look at Toogum. Another lovely place it has a couple of cafes I’d like to try some time or another…but not today.

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  1. How lovely to read and see these new to me places! Glad Sarah gives you guys a reason to visit! Enjoy your Easter Saturday! No changing the clocks for you! D x

  2. I thought the pink gin was rose. Either way, what a gorgeous setting to have a drink. Great visit with your daughter. Happy Easter.

  3. That looks like a wonderful place to chill out and eat to your heart’s content! I imagine it could be a bit of a challenge to find places that are dog-friendly, but it appears you really did well! Oh, and yes to that writer’s retreat!

    1. It’s tough finding dog friendly accommodation that’s nice – and truly dog friendly. We got lucky I think.

  4. Jo, I’ve said before but will say again, Hervey Bay looks like my kind of place – just the right amount of quirky vibe. That little house on the beach looks especially inviting. Will we see a real estate purchase in your near future?

    1. Sadly I think a place on the beach at Burrum is out of my real estate league…The Sunshine Coast is absolutely home for us, but who knows?

  5. You had me at dog friendly! The Airbnb looks cosy but so cute, I love the little outside area. Looks like a very lovely weekend was had by all, Adventure Spaniel included! I’m bookmarking this for if/when we make it that far north with Teddy Roo!

    1. We don’t normally travel with Kali so it was definitely a challenge to plan around – but worth it.

  6. Hervey Bay is beautiful! I love everything about this place that you have mentioned. The sunsets and food scene look absolutely ravishing. I love the fact that I come across a new place tucked up nonchalantly in this fascinating world.

  7. I also like Hervey Bay more and more as I follow your visits there. What a wonderful get-away and birthday celebration and Kali can join. A writing retreat in Burrum Heads is a terrific idea.

    1. It’s actually okay for stingers – a tad further north you begin to get the warnings, but the real nasty ones haven’t come down this far.

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