Postcard from London

Okay, I’m heading to Canberra at stupid o’clock tomorrow and I still haven’t packed so I’m being lazy today and telling you about London (mostly) in pictures. Well, part 1 of it anyways!

The Big Bus

The first time Grant and I went to London (together) back in (ahem) 1995, we did one of those open-top bus tours that you see everywhere. It was raining and we still sat up top. I remember laughing so hard when we sat down and splashed in the seat.

This time around it wasn’t raining, but man, it was cold. We stayed on for the whole route. My photos were, on the whole, not great, but these are fabulous for not just a bird’s eye view of the city, but also for those little tidbits of trivia that the guides tell you about.

Sure, it’s touristy, but hey, when you’re being a tourist, why not embrace it?

Borough Markets

My absolute favourite foodie thing of all to do.

I’ve told you about it here and here and probably in a few other posts as well, so I’ll leave the words and throw in some pics instead.

Natural History Museum

Okay, I’m not wild about all the insects and rocks and things, but this is still a must see in London – and it’s free.

Don’t miss the gemstones – and the architecture.

Covent Garden

I’ve already shared some of the photos of the Christmas lights and displays in Covent Garden.

What I didn’t tell you was about the afternoon tea and champagne while we listened to opera singers and classical music. Memorable.

Leadenhall Markets

An Instagrammer’s paradise…

National Gallery

Renoir, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Turner, Gaugin, Constable, Gainsborough…all the boys in the band. Just fabulous.

I had been looking forward to visiting here and it absolutely didn’t disappoint. Grant and Sarah weren’t keen but even they were entranced. If you’re an art lover this is an absolute must. Even if you’re not, you must.

Next time… Part 2….

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  1. Awesome pics 🙂 Leadenhall looking spectacular there 🎄 I love open top buses – we took a tour on a vintage one through the Yorkshire moors, sat at the top and had to keep ducking for trees 😃

      1. It was actually through the moors – I will try and dig out the video and see if it is blog worthy! It might be full of me randomly calling “hold onto the children!” every few moments though as it was very very bumpy 😀 x

  2. I loved the variety in your pics Jo – not all “touristy” and LOTS of food (why am I surprised by that?) It looks like you had a fantastic time and it’s nice of you to share it with us x

  3. We did much of this when we were in London before we flew home in January Jo, and you brought back some great memories for me with your amazing photos and words. Thanks so much for the fun look back at your visit, it’s always fabulous to see things through the eyes of someone else!

  4. I love London and it’s been too long since I visited. Thanks for the motivation. So enjoyed the Borough Markets and will definitely need to visit the Leadenhall Markets too!

    SSG xxx

    1. I could go back to Borough over and over. I’m not sure that I’ll ever see everything I want to see in London.

    1. I adore bus trips too…and I managed to pack in time…at 4.30 yesterday morning lol. Nothing like last minute and I did only take carry on…

  5. We also did the big red bus around London in the rain! But it was a fabulous way to see all the sights. We never got to Burrough Markets so that will definitely be on the must see list for next time. I really enjoyed London and would love to return here someday.

  6. Seriously, thank YOU for doing these posts…I get a lot out of seeing it all and reading too. I love to be a tourist and do so in Sydney now I no longer live there. Denyse #lovinlife

  7. I’m not arty at all but I love the National Gallery so much! Your afternoon tea looks fab – where did you have it? I have never done a big bus tour although I did get all aboard the afternoon tea bus and enjoy my tea while seeing the sights of London! I love being a virtual tourist in my old home town with these posts – keep them coming please!

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