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London Day 8…Packing up and wrapping up…

Today was our last day in London. By the time you read this I’ll be in Phuket. Over the almost 8 days we were here, the fitbit is telling me that we did around 145,000 steps. That equates, again, according to my… Read More

London Day 7

  So anyways, we’re into that part of the trip where we’re ticking boxes, seeing things that we’ve missed, making sure that we’ve been around the Monopoly board…although for the life of me I still can’t remember that final purple one- other… Read More

London Day 3…

‘Is there going to be much walking today?’ We were all feeling just a tad footsore, but it was Sares who asked the question as we stepped out into the sunshine to head down to the tube. ‘Yep,’ I replied. ‘As far… Read More

London Day 2…

Another full day, with lots of walking, lots of mulled wine, some cider, and even some prosecco. So, without further ado, let’s go. Westminster Abbey I could bore you with architectural and historical details of this place, but won’t. Suffice to say,… Read More

London…Day 1

Oh. My. God. We’re finally here. It’s taken three weeks of touring around, but on Monday morning (after successfully removing roosting pheasants from the roof of our car) we navigated our way through the M4 traffic jams, into the city and, more… Read More

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