February all wrapped up…


February might be the shortest month of the year, but in many ways, it’s also the longest. There is, however, much to love about February – not least the fact that my favourite sister-in-law was born during that month…(see what I did there P?)

Anyways, February involved a lot of work, more than the usual amount of travel, and a reasonable amount of play as well. So, without further ado, let’s wrap it up.

Where I travelled…

I enjoyed a long weekend with my daughter in Melbourne at the beginning of February. You can find the post here, but here are a few photos.

I also was down to Sydney – for work rather than play though…

What I watched…

The latest season of Agatha Raisin made it to the ABC and I couldn’t have been happier.

Also on the ABC was Mrs Wilson. Based on a true story with Ruth Wilson starring as her real-life grandmother this one was fascinating viewing.

Other essential viewing during February was Great British Bake-Off (Foxtel) and Travel Guides (Channel 9) – which is easily the funniest show on telly — and I’m also enjoying Miss Fisher’s Modern Mysteries.

What I read…

With a lot of travel and plenty of time either waiting for on or buses and planes, February was a big reading month with 13 books read. The highlights were:

  • The House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz
  • How to be Second Best, Jessica Dettmann
  • Maybe This Time, Jill Mansell
  • Little Beach Street Bakery, Jenny Colgan

Bloggy Catch-ups…

Two of February’s highlights – aside from seeing my family, of course – were catch-ups with bloggy friends. First up was lunch in Brisbane with Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond, Leanne from Cresting The Hill, Deb from Debbish, me and Min from Write Of The Middle.

Then in Sydney, I met up with Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid. We met for a drink and a chat. Next time there’ll be dumplings…or scones.

Let’s talk about the weather…

We nearly had a cyclone. It was close enough to stir up some wind and some surf, but then rolled back offshore and left us alone. I did, however, get some great shots of the waves – one as it crashed over the top of me.

What I cooked…

On account of the travel, not as much as I would have liked…I did, however, update my Nigella Diaries – with a few posts yet to roll out. If you’ve missed any episodes you can catch up here. Also to come next month will be a review of Midnight Chicken – the best cookbook I’ve read in a long time.

What I crossed off my 101 things in 1001 days list…

I went an entire month – yes, an entire month – without buying a book. That is some sort of record for me and one that I’ve already broken with the delivery of 2 pre-orders on my kindle and a purchase at the airport…although as everyone knows books bought at airports don’t count. It’s like the calories from food on other people’s plates and whatever is consumed on holidays or on planes – those calories don’t count either.

The Challenge…

It was tough, but I managed it…lol!

Most popular Instagram post…

Based on likes, the most popular post for the month was this one.

Okay, that was my month…how was yours? Any highlights you want to share?

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  1. Definitely a full February for you, Jo. I’m glad you got in some fun travel and play. Here’s to a marvellous March! #LovinLifeLinky

  2. It was great to see you again during February! Funny that it was basically exactly a year from the first time! I find February a challenging month (aside from that no alcohol challenge! LOL) because the heat and humidity nearly kills me! That most liked Instagram photo of the month for you is a really great photo – I remember it! It’s wonderful you got to catch up with Sammie. I met her in person at Problogger in 2015 but never really got a chance for a good sit down and chat. Maybe one day soon! #TeamLovinLife

  3. You do well to wrap up in two blog and the posts. One day…and I hope you can…it will be nice to have life at a different pace. I do enjoy blogger catch ups, they ARE the best!
    Denyse x

  4. You had a huge February and you have seemed ultra busy lately but I love that you still make time for your blogging and writing, whereas they’re the first things to go by the wayside when I’m stressed. I bunker down and hibernate, doing SFA in my spare time.

    Bet you’re looking forward to NZ!

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