That’s a Wrap – 3 March, 2019

Ok, it hasn’t been a great week in the day job so we’re going to skim clumsily past all of that and dwell only on the things that made me smile this week. I’m pretty sure that I can find 5 of them:

The Cruise ship

Watching a cruise ship sail into Mooloolaba Beach never gets old. I love how it brings so much revenue into the community and I love how the locals come out to watch it too.

It’s visits like this that earned Mooloolaba Beach the honour of the 4th best beach in Australia – according to Trip Advisor reviews. And yes, I know that trip advisor reviews are very much a numbers game but in my humble opinion our beach is pretty special and deserves the accolade.

The books…

This week I read 2 great books – How To Be Second Best and The Trials and Triumphs of Grace Atherton. Both were great, but Grace’s story was just lovely – even though I hate the title.

I’m also halfway through reading a cookbook – yes, reading a cookbook – that is so beautifully written that it brings tears to my eyes even though I’m yet to cook anything from it. Midnight Chicken – I love it so much I’ll probably actually write a review for it. Maybe.

The Hashtag…

I’m following a few hashtags these days but my pick for this week is #selfiesforintroverts – check it out.

The Countdown…

I’m on a countdown and this time next week we’ll be in New Zealand. I can’t wait.

The Day Out…

I’m back in Sydney for work but managed a trip into the city, lunch at the Opera Bar and a wander around the shops today.

Okay, that was my week – how was yours?

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  1. Sorry to hear work has been unsavoury but I hope the trip to the QVB and lunch at the Opera Bar eased your pain somewhat! My week has been full of dog walks, winter clothes and English baked goods so pretty glorious really! Hang in there, NZ will be here before you know it!

  2. After being at Mooloolaba recently I can only imagine the sight of a cruise ship coming in Jo!! I would also be excited if I was going to NZ next week, enjoy 🙂 . I always love the QVB and it’s old world charm and the Opera Bar is such a gorgeous place especially on a good day. It’s interesting to read you weekly recap. I must say my week was good with a huge variety of activities to keep my mind and body busy – just the way I like it! All the best for the week ahead!

  3. I loved the Queen Victoria building when we visited Sydney – and lucky you heading to NZ! I’m not sure I actually “get” IG or #selfiesforintroverts but it’s nice for those who understand why an introvert would even want to be on IG (my mind just balks at it all). Hope work gets happier in the not too distant future xx

    1. It’s a strange concept – the whole introvert on Instagram thing…and one I contemplate before I put any selfie up.

  4. Hi, Jo – I’m sorry to hear that it hasn’t been a great week for you in the day job. The good news is that you did find five great things to share with us. And, while we are on the topic of sharing, please write the review of Midnight Chicken. It sounds very inspiring!

    1. I’ll definitely be writing up the review of Midnight Chicken. It’s the most inspiring cookbook that I’ve read – and I haven’t even cooked anything yet!

  5. You took some great Sydney pics which I enjoyed – thank you. I sure hope there might be a way you and the “day job” can part ways…maybe? Taking care of you is paramount..Yada yada… xx

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is 10/51 Share Your Snaps #2. 11/3/19. Denyse

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