I have to admit to not being a lover of either chocolate cakes or birthday cakes. I know, shock horror, who is this woman? But I have been known to make both because apparently, and more believably, other people are lovers of… Read More

There aren’t very many cakes in How To Eat. In fact, in her “basics” chapter Nigella lists just 3: Victoria Sponge Birthday Cake Fancy Cake There are others scattered through the book – like her Clementine Cake and an Orange Blossom and… Read More

You might have noticed a distinct bias towards lemon-flavoured puddings on this page. You wouldn’t be wrong – and here’s another. This one is sort of like a creamy lemon curd – without any of the stirring and worrying about lumpy bits…. Read More

  Okay, it’s been a while since I posted a Nigella update. I seem to have been either in Sydney or on holidays in New Zealand so haven’t been spending the time that I would like to be spending in the kitchen…. Read More

Okay, I’ve been jumping around in How To Eat a tad – mainly because it’s suited me – but today we’re back into Chapter 1 and talking about lemon curd. I love it – just like butter but tangy, sweet and smooth… Read More

The two basil bushes I planted in the Spring have been very generous to us over the summer. Basil has been torn into Asian-style herby salads, topped simple home-made pizzas, been sandwiched between mozzarella cheese and thick slices of tomato for a… Read More

In the introduction to this recipe – which she calls Sticky Chocolate Pudding – Nigella tells us that her family refers to this as Lemon Surprise; the surprise being that there is no lemon. Seriously though, Nigella’s Sticky Chocolate Pudding is essentially… Read More

When we were in Britain during winter a few years ago the one thing we tried to do each week – with mixed success – was to find a pub for Sunday lunch. The most memorable of these was at a pub… Read More

Now that we’re into the sauces part of How To Eat there’s something that needs to be addressed before we go too much further – what to do with the leftover egg whites. The hollandaise sauce and the forthcoming bearnaise sauce each… Read More

Try as I might whenever we’re out for breakfast or, for that matter, brunch, I can’t seem to resist the eggs benedict. To me, it’s the one dish a café’s breakfast should be judged on. Sure I’m partial to a smashed avocado… Read More