Sentence a day – September

Banksia in the front garden

Ok, I give up – what happened to September? Surely it’s not over already? The highlights for the month? Sunshine and whales – not necessarily in that order. The southern migration of whales brought them closer to shore than they came for the northern trip. This meant we could see the tell-tale blows and massive splashes from the beach – if we got lucky…which we did. Ok, without further ado, here’s the sentence a day for September…

1.Lunch at Velo Project with Debbish and Kali to the mobile doggy day spa. The mad pooch is back in the house. Baked the easiest scones in the world with lemon lime and bitters and finished the day with dinner at the night markets at Marcoola.

2. Markets and baking.

3. Fathers Day picnic at Rainbow Beach.

4. Messy seas, warm day, and evening thunderstorm.

5. Hubby to Melbourne for work.

6. Brekky at the Surf Club, belly dancing, and structural edit done and dusted.

7. Major binge day – how did that happen?

8. Iron Man festival this weekend – Mooloolaba is putting her glad rags on.

9. Markets and making things with passionfruit.

10. Caloundra street markets and fish and chips by the water.

11. Glorious day in paradise – pity I have to work!

12. Whales!

13. Belly dancing and blogging – days don’t get much better than this.

14. Super unproductive day in the office.

15. School holidays must have started early – not a car park to be found at the beach. Got my writing on at Scrub Turkey instead.

16. Markets and a failed chocolate not so magic cake.

17. Shak for brekky, hubby to Sydney for work, and Quarterdeck for pizza for dinner.

18. Whales and sunshine – what a fabulous way to start a Monday.

19. Massive hole identified in my novel. Two bright side moments to this – I found it before my editor did and work is light so I have time to fix it.

20. Dolphins off the beach this morning and brekky with Sarah at Hashtag Phresh.

21. Whales again this morning!

22. Grant home from Sydney and a thunderstorm this evening – the 2 are not connected.

23. Markets, Winnie at Woombye, and sunshine. Making things with strawberries.

24. Astro get together at Golden Beach and date lunch at La Cantina.

25. Another gorgeous day – pity I’m chained to the desk.

26. Take yesterday and repeat. As for work, it was one of those days where my head just had too much in it and was ready to explode.

27. New favourite coffee shop for writing (Birds and the Beans at Buderim) and a new garden centre for pottering. Planted rosemary and thyme – the herb garden is underway.

28. Prawns on The Deck at Mooloolaba in the middle of a work day? Don’t mind if I do.

29. Melbourne for the long weekend and an upgrade to a suite at The Como.

30. AFL Grand Final Day – food, walking, and a trips to Tigerland and Paris in Prahran – oh how I love this city.

What about you? How was your September? Are you playing along with sentence a day?

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  1. What a month! But my favourite day – Belly Dancing and Blogging. Now that gave my mind a little something to grapple with as I head to bed in England tonight!

    1. It’s funny, but I need quiet for corporate work, but like white noise or background buzz for creative stuff. Weird how our brains work.

  2. You do so much! My days sometimes just blend into one another – at work or at home. (And I guess I’lll have more of the former again now!)

    In some ways it seems forever ago that we caught up for lunch and in others just the other day! So weird.

    1. It’s funny, but I don’t think that I do – although I do try & find something in most days. And yep, I gloss over the really shitty at the desk days with something yummy like prawns on the deck.

  3. You really are embracing your new life on the Sunshine Coast Jo. It’s great to see you’re getting out and about and taking those lovely photos of the beach and lots of new places to eat (that I will have to check out on my next trip up there). I spent half of September in Vietnam and Laos which was pretty special. #TeamLovinLife

    1. I honestly don’t think we’ve been happier or more content – whatever you want to call it. Suffice to say, we love it.

  4. Love the whole Aussie-lifestyle of your post so much. What a fun contrast to those of us in the U.S. And even so different from my life in coastal California.

    Favorite days- those involving whale and dolphin sightings, and any day evoking usage of ‘brekky.’ ☺

  5. I love seeing these posts (and the taking stock ones) because they give me a little glimpse into the lives of other bloggers – your month sounded amazing!

  6. In hadn’t heard of September’s sentence a day till I saw this on MiddleAged mama’s page. Good on you. Mind you I swear you are as busy, if not busier, than when you lived in Sydney. Then again, the no commute thing was life-stifling wasn’t it?

    1. I love it – I joined up back in June, I think, & it’s really an easy doable thing. I find it more relevant to me than the taking stock posts I used to do. And yes, I’m keeping quite busy, but it’s such a different sort of busy. That commute really was a time waster in so many ways.

  7. Well wow – can’t complain about your September – it looks like it was fabulous!! I might come live with you! Fresh beautiful food, travel, beaches, sunrises – wonderful stuff! Kali looks like a completely different dog after the beauty parlour makeover! lol #TeamLovinLife

  8. Tell me about it. Means that December really isn’t that far away either… How exciting about seeing the whales!

    SSG xxx

  9. I agree Jo! Where the heck did September slip away to and how did October appear so suddenly?!? At least you had a productive month 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  10. September seemed to fly by for me, too, Jo. Love your days at the beach, whale sightings, and all the yummy food pictures. Kali is such a cute dog, with or without long hair 🙂

    1. She’s a cute little pooch. She has a responsible job though – she’s Staff Engagement Officer and Creative Muse for the Jo Tracey publishing empire…

    1. Lol. I’m about 10 minutes drive from the beach, but am down there every morning. Whale migration time is special.

  11. Love your sunny photos. It’s bleak and grey down here in the arse end of Australia so just what I needed. I only we could tip Australia upside down, 5 minutes would do it.

  12. Your pup is adorable! We have a short-haired dog, so I don’t get to take any of the before and after pictures. I also relate to the days when you were chained to a desk while it was so pretty outside. It’s such a battle to stay inside and not just run away for the afternoon!

    1. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? And very important – I work from home so she’s Staff Engagement Officer.

    1. I’m now on novel no 4, but this one is happening in the same time frame as no 1 – with a couple of cross-over scenes. On my re-read before sending back for copy (or line) edit, I found a 2 week gap in the storyline that I’d somehow missed – but which some reader out there would no doubt take pleasure in pointing out…

  13. Yay, YOU, for finding the hole in your novel. Heck, for having a NOVEL! I sit and daydream about my children’s book but don’t write a darn thing. Holes galore! Please, please rub off on me.

    Your scones look bakery-delicious. And they are easy? EASY? Somehow I think your definition of the word is nothing like mine.

    Had to do a double-take on the ‘after’ pic of your pup. Looks like the groomer not only cut and styled Kali’s hair but changed her breed!

    I would like to think October will be slower for both of us but it isn’t shaping up that way. Here’s hoping November is kinder and gentler.

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