That’s a wrap…

Well, what a funny old week this one has been – both in the funny ha ha and the funny isn’t it ironic sort of way.

I came to Sydney for the week expressly to deal with, support – whatever you want to call it – a family issue. That particular family issue got postponed (at the last minute) until August, so I was left having travelled south for the party that never occurred. No matter, I ended up going into work every day – and got to catch up with friends and family that I’d been missing. I was also reminded on more than one occasion just how glad I am that we moved. That traffic!

What I marvelled at…

My mother’s garden. I stayed with my parents this trip – the first time I’ve slept under their roof since about 1991…as best I can figure.

My Mum is a keen and instinctive gardener – as was her father – and grows anything and everything in the smallest possible spaces. No room for a pumpkin vine to run across the ground? No matter – she’ll grow it up – through the camellias. At present she’s growing enough leafy greens for her and Dad, has just picked the last of the zucchinis, still has some butternut pumpkins hanging down beside the pool, and is still eating green beans from the summer crop. All in a very small space. And in between it all are flowers and herbs. She’s pretty amazing, is my mum!

Where I lunched…

The Opera Bar – with a friend. It was a sparkling blue Sydney day – the best sort of Sydney day.

We had share plates – the best of which were the potato croquettes with an aioli dipping sauce. Seriously, seriously, more-ish.

Where I caught the ferry…

To McMahon’s Point – for lunch with another friend. This time the venue was Moorish Blue, and the lunch was substantially healthier – a fabulous grilled squid salad. Just how pretty is this?

What I discovered…

Bullet journals – thanks to my Sunday lunch pal. I’ve only been using mine for a week, but already thrilled at how much better my thoughts, ideas and schedule is. I’m not really using it as a journal or a to-do list, but rather for jotting reminders and ideas. The index at the front is so simple, yet has really changed the way I’m thinking. Rather than grasping for that fabulous idea I thought of & wrote in the notes of my phone never to be seen again, I know exactly where it is.

I suspect that rather than presenting as extra work, it will save me time in the long run – and simplify all the post it notes, and mini journals and notebooks I carry around. Thanks Mish!

What I want to get stuck into…

I’ve got the editorial notes back for I Wish You Were Here and it all makes so much sense. I’m dying to get stuck into the rewrite! I’ll probably write a bit more about this on the author page during the week.

What I’m looking forward to…

Going home. I’ve missed my sunrise walks, I’ve missed the rhythm of my days on the Sunshine Coast. Mostly though, I’ve missed my family and @AdventureSpaniel.


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  1. Those share plates look amazing!

    How annoying that the family stuff got postponed but I guess it gave you some time to catch up with people. I’m always reminded WHY I moved when I come back to the city. I thought I’d miss it more than I did am surprised it’s not been the case.

  2. Oh how frustrating to get yourself back to the city and then it didn’t happen. I bet your parents enjoyed you staying though. Glad you really feel like you are home now. Now that I have to be back and forth to Sydney we know that comfort and traffic wise we have made the right move. Not for the health one though. Serious things like my condition still require the BIG city…so that is a bugger. It is something we are thinking more about for our future as we are ageing. We wont be back to Sydney because of the crowds, traffic and costs but if I need to be back and forth for check ups and treatment then… looks like it will be within 2 hours as we are now.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 22/52. Next week’s prompt: View From Here.

    1. Mum & Dad enjoyed having me there, I think, but I’m glad to be home. You’re right – proximity to Brissie for when we get older was absolutely a consideration in our thought processes as well. Thinking of you x

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