What is a bullet journal?

So anyways, I’ve discovered bullet journaling. It’s apparently quite a thing at the moment. The friend I lunched with on Sunday is into it. She explained it and I was hooked immediately. In fact, the question isn’t really why I’ve discovered it, but rather why I haven’t discovered it before now.

After all, I’m a prime candidate for a bujo (as it’s known in the instagram world) convert:

  • I love stationery and journaling, and was previously into scrapbooking.
  • I love planners.
  • I have a million and one different journals for a million and one different purposes.
  • I love journals (I already said that, didn’t I?).
  • I’d love to be more organised.
  • I have problems sticking to the daily journal habit. Who am I kidding? I have trouble sticking to any habit.
  • I lose track of books I want to read, places I want to go, music I’ve heard, ideas and inspiration I’ve had.
  • I want to be able to track the events of my life in a way that is easy to record, and easy to refer back to, and doesn’t require a lock and key.
  • I like a good bullet point.

What is bullet journaling?

The official website calls it “rapid logging” which, I suspect, is a fancy schmancy word for making quick notes.

It can be as simple or as busy as you like. It can be words or illustrations or a combination of both. Mine is purely words – as you might expect of me.

The real beauty of this, though, is that it’s a planner, a diary, an ideas portal and a to-do list all in one.

What do you need?

A journal – any journal – but preferably one that calls to you in some way. I’ve gone away from my usual moleskine this tie and chosen a rather buff looking German made Fantastic Papers journal. It has Swiss binding, and a flexible, soft front cover. You also need a pen. Or pens – if you’re going to make it all look prettier and more imaginative than mine will ever be. In case you’re interested, my pen is a moleskine pen.

What’s in the journal?

First up there’s the index. Every page is numbered, and the first couple of pages in your journal are for this index.

The next four pages are your long-range planner – or future planner. These double pages show you the major events in your next 12 months in a glance.

Next up we have the monthly planner – the current month by day – marked with the major events and tasks.

After that, it’s pretty much up to you.

My bullet journal has:

  • a double page for each week. I’ve divided that into days and on each day I’m popping notes about what happened, what I had to do, what I did do, what the temperature is, any purchases, steps, whatever. I suspect this will change and grow as I go. Some people will track habits, note down their gratitude habits, general mood, alcohol free days (yeah, right)…whatever.
  • Books I want to read
  • Places that inspire me
  • Ideas that pop up

Some examples I found on instagram:

How do you use it?

There’s a series of symbols you can use to identify tasks, events, ideas, whatever. There’s even a set of symbols that show tasks that have been completed, tasks that need to be scheduled, or tasks that need to be taken into the next week or the next month.

The website suggests a few, but I find that I’m starting to make up my own.

There’s a world of inspiration on line – just search instagram for:








You get the idea… Here are some more examples. Mine is just words and very boring, but this is what can be done.

I’m just starting out with this, so I’ll keep you posted with my progress – and maybe even give you a sneaky peek into my journal…It might be early days, but I think I’m hooked.

What about you? Have you ever heard of the bullet journal before? Are you a journaller?

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24 thoughts

  1. Great way to jot down your thoughts/ideas. I don’t think I would be dedicated enough to to do it every day.

    1. I’m shocking at the every day thing, but am finding I’m loving the index & numbered page thing. It’s a way of turning my sometimes scribbles into something more organized.

  2. I’ve never quite understood the difference between bullet journalling and diaries or ‘to do’ lists. I think it’s also cos there are so many fancy schmancy diaries out there they include wistful inspirational ‘to dos’ (one day) as well as immediate stuff. I like the idea of having hard copy stuff but am terrible (now) at keeping them updated!

    1. Mine has events, but not to-dos…. it’s a great spot for reminders – cos I’m shit at that!

  3. I’m with Deborah, my pretty journal / diary is sitting sad and alone on my desk, whilst I run my life on scraps of paper and an online diary.

    1. I reckon I had different journals for different purposes & notes in my phone that I never looked at.

  4. Oh I do love this idea. I’m not one for rattling on anyway. I like a quick note as a prompt or reminder. LOVE that there is a fancy schmancy name for it! Haha! I’m not one for journalling though, but I do love stationery and organisation and lists and notes and things like that! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  5. I’ve never heard of this at all. I’m learning a lot today – Bullet Journaling, Flat Earthers…there’s a whole world out there I was unaware of!

    1. I reckon you use them for what you need them for. In my case it’s to order and organise the chaos of my brain – and everything that comes out of it. Have a great weekend.

  6. Thanks for keeping us in the loop about bullet journals Jo. I’ve heard of them, but didn’t know the details until now. Certainly something worth exploring 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    1. I’d heard about them too, but it wasn’t until a friend showed me hers that I figured it could be what I needed. Hers, as an aside, is beautiful – mine is not. 🙂

  7. It’s kinda like what a group of us our doing as a post each month. We call it a sentence a day (and it sometimes include photos).
    If you ever want to join in, we’d love to have you!!

    1. It is. I know some people who treat them like scrapbooking – a hobby. I’m just after a flexible solution for way too many ideas. Have a great weekend.

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  9. Absolutely know the Partridge Family show theme song. Have heard about these bullet journals but wasn’t sure what was involved in creating and keeping up with one. Am a former journaler but haven’t been very faithful about it for some time. Glad you will be joining us for Sentence a Day, which seems to be something of a bullet journal. Great explanation provided in your link. Pinning this info.

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