That’s a Wrap…

I’m really starting to settle into the rhythm of life up here on the Sunshine Coast – and a rhythm it is.

My day is now pretty well governed by the movement of the sun. I watch the sun come up every morning, and at least a few afternoons a week, I watch it go back down again. I’ve even found an app that gives me the sunrise and sunset times, plus the tides – so I can say with authority ‘yeah, the tides on it’s way in.’

In between, I’m at my desk. I’ve created a routine that splits my day between partition job stuff – working remotely to Sydney – and personal writing projects. It’s now beginning to even itself out.

On weekends we’ve got into the habit of buying our fresh produce from the markets – so far Hinterland Harvest at Woombye is our favourite – and are basing our menu around whatever is in season.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s wrap the week up:

What I blogged…

Over on Navigator, (aka sunshine-coasting) I popped up something about Underwater World at Mooloolaba, something about Maleny – one of the villages in the Hinterland, something about Hashtag Phresh – a new cafe in Mooloolaba, something about a new spice mix I bought at least week’s market and the recipe for chicken biryani that I used it in, and something about The Urban Crafters Gang – a fab place I discovered today in Moffat Beach.

The Urban Crafters Gang

On the author site, I posted my playlist for my new book-ette I Want You Back, and on this site, I told you why I joined a gym – even though I’d told anyone who would listen that I wasn’t going to.

What I learnt…

That there’s such a thing as a zombie jellyfish – a species of jellyfish that is virtually immortal – and that Bruce Springsteen wrote Manfred Mann’s Blinded By The Light. I wrote about that here.

By the way, the jellyfish in these photos from Underwater World are not immortal – but were very photogenic.

I also found out that activated charcoal is a thing, and that Dicky’s Beach in Caloundra was named for the wreck the SS Dicky that was beached here in 1895 (I think I got the date right). That’s Dicky’s Beach below. There was virtually no one on it yesterday – just a few surfers. On the horizon was a row of container ships heading down to Brisbane.

What I celebrated…

Our wedding anniversary. Last Sunday marked the day 23 years ago that we said I do. We’ve ben together for 28 years this month – which is both remarkable and surreal at the same time. We marked the occasion by having some friends – who were there at the start – over for dinner. And yes, that is what my natural hair colour was before I started to go grey.

What I baked…

Gingernut dunkers and hubby’s fave orange and cardamon cake. You can find the recipe for the cake here.

Where I lunched…

One Block Back – down at Moffat Beach. I’ll blog it over the next couple of days for Navigator, but it was a great spot in a great space with interiors that wouldn’t be out of place in Melbourne.

What I’m whining about…

Ok, this is a first world problem, but the motors in this house are doing my head in. The water for our toilets and washing machine comes from a rainwater tank, which has a pump, which runs at weird times of the day and night. The hot water system has a motor that clicks on and runs for an hour randomly during the day or night when it’s supposed to be running during the middle of the day when it can use the power generated by the solar panels. The other night it started at 2am, this morning it ran from 4am. And I can hear it, and it keeps me awake – although the rest of the household sleeps soundly. There’s a motor on the vergola that automatically opens and closes the louvre things depending on rain, sun and (I suspect) the mood it’s in. Then there’s the dishwasher that doesn’t take a glass taller than an ikea tumbler (i.e. doesn’t fit wine glasses) and pretty much doesn’t clean what does fit in there.

As I said, first world issue…whine over.

Where I walked the dog…

Ballingers Beach at Currimundi. It’s a leash free area and was full of people with their pooches last Saturday. It was also Adventure Spaniel’s first walk on sand. She thought it was great until the wave thing happened.

and finally…

If you’re into a little light astro, I post a mini astro weather forecast thing most mornings – usually after my morning walk – on instagram. It’s not on my personal account, but on @jotraceyastrology.

How was your week? Any highlights?

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  1. I love that you’re doing so much exploring in your new hometown. Such a great way to settle in.

    I’m with you on the weird motors and noises. I have a septic tank and my toilets and washing machine operate via my water tank so its motor starts up every time you flush a loo. Plus there’s a loud sploshing sound throughout much of the day or night which I assume is the septic tank – though am not entirely sure.

    I have solar panels which are only for my hot water as well but I don’t think there’s any noise associated with them, but I’m not entirely sure about that.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s someone or something living in my roof. 🙂

    It’s weird getting used to the new noises. I kept the fan in my bedroom off for the first time last night. I prefer it on the lowest speed – even in winter – to keep the air circulating but it makes a creaking sound and I noticed it A LOT the night before when I had a very sleepless night, so figured I’d keep it off and see if that helped.

  2. Yeah our water pump does the same – runs every time the toilets flush. As for fans? I can’t sleep with them on – the noise does my head in… Grant jokes that a mouse farting a suburb away is enough to keep me awake.

  3. Looks like you are really settling into your new home. I love being near the ocean and I think better when I’m at the Coast. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I’m enjoying your posts about your new life.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. I think being near water makes even that which doesn’t make sense, make sense. It’s my happy place.

  4. What a beautiful new life you’ve created for yourself. Thanks for a burst of lovely on this grey old morning in Sydney.

    SSG xxx

    1. You’re welcome. I’m back in Sydney next week – for work & some family stuff…I’m looking forward to it & not at the same time. I need an Aesop mercy dash.

  5. Such a great spot you have landed in and I suspect each day you bless the fact that you are no longer on the M2 drag…I didn’t know you were still reporting back to work in Sydney. I guess anything can happen remotely these days!! I hear you on house noises and I too an sensitive to them. Married to a ‘deaf’ person he doesnt !! Do the pumps stop when you have a power outage? Thats what I would find a challenge….I love your posts from the Sunny Coast. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week “How I learn best.”

    1. It’s the annoyances that bring the texture – & without texture life would be very boring indeed

  6. Loved the slow paced oozing out of your post 🙂 your dog looks cute
    A home next to the beach? Lucky lucky lucky you are. Just that I am scared of tsunami and real estate is pretty expensive in India near the beach side, can never live in a beach side bungalow​.
    Activated charcoal is used to cook ice cream too, I ate once in Bangkok. Nasty stuff.

    I loved your post and will follow you. You may drop in to check what I scribbled at

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