It’s a wrap…

Friday already! Gotta love these short working weeks…and we have another next week.

We’re back from holidays – although I still have a few posts left to bore you with on Vietnam and Thailand. Miss T is (I think) glad to have us home – even if it is just so that she can have vegetables.

The same day we flew out, ex-tropical cyclone Debbie flew in and hit our part of the Coast. Miss T, who turned 19 the day we moved in, was left to face the deluge and the extended power outages. I suspect she’ll be reminding us of that for many years, ‘Hey Mum, remember the time you left me in a new house in the middle of a cyclone?’ On the upside, we know the house is sound and secure.

I’m walking in the mornings, and drive down to the beach at least once a day – for sunrise or sunset. It’s hard to believe that I’m now only 10 minutes or so away from one of the most beautiful beaches in a country that has lots of beautiful beaches. Vitamin Sea. I’m exhaling and can already feel Sydney lifting from my shoulders.

Anyways, let’s wrap this week up!

What made me a teeny bit sad…

We dropped in on our old neighbours on Saturday – I’d left my car with them while we were on holidays.

Our old house is up for rent and seeing it sad and empty brought a tear to my eye. Imagining the pool and the garden untended brought another.

What made me happy…

The welcome from Kali, Adventure Spaniel on Sunday. She’s been at Camp Grandma since we moved – I figured it would be less disruptive for her to be in an environment she was familiar with that if we’d taken her home and a couple of days later left on holidays.

Where we road-tripped…

This was Kali’s first road trip. We stayed overnight in Armidale at Moore Park Inn. There’s a horse in the paddock next to the motel that Kali thought was the biggest dog she’d ever seen.

The grounds here are gorgeous, with the autumn colours just starting to show.

What made me smile…

Just how quickly Kali settled into home. She’s already defending my office from intrusion by hubby and Miss T – in the same way that she used to in Sydney.


She’s had her first walk down at the beach – although dogs aren’t allowed on the beach at Mooloolaba – and spent her time barking at the bush turkeys…of which there are many.

What I love…

These puzzle piece flowers by friend bought me from one of my favourite stores in Wellington – Abstract. They come in a single sheet of pressed…I don’t know what the material is…anyways, they come in a single sheet of it and you put them together to make a 3 dimensional model. I have them hanging on the wall in a daisy chain.

Where we lunched…

As part of my get to know the coast thing, I’m trying new lunch or brekky spots out each week. Yesterday it was Decisions Café in Birtinya. Their menu is divided into two parts: Superfoods or Superjunk…that’s where the decision comes from.

I had a Vietnamese pancake and papaya salad from the superfood side, and Miss T chose a chicken burger with a ridiculous number of fries from the superjunk side. I suspect they serve so many fries so that they can be shared with the people who ordered from the superfood menu. Everyone knows that other people’s fries have no calories.

What about you – how was your week?

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  1. Ah Vitamin Sea… I’d love to have what she’s having. Glad to hear you’re settling in so well Jo.

  2. I love that you’re doing so much exploring. I’m loving your pics of your walks and I do wish the beach close to my place was a bit nicer… though having said that, I had a nicer beach on my doorstep for the past 4yrs and set foot on it less than a handful of times, so….

    You’ll have to work out which beaches are dog friendly etc… I know my friends here (and my friend in NZ) had maps of which beaches were ‘leashes required’ vs ‘leash free’ etc… I didn’t realise there were dog-free beaches. The long pier here in Hervey Bay has a ‘no dog’ sign but there are always dogs out on it!

    1. It’s a 10 min drive down, but I’m finding it’s no effort to do it – & I’m loving being back in a walking routine. There’s a few beaches around that are leash free, but we’re yet to try Adventure Spaniel on them…

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