And, that’s a wrap…

Early morning at Mooloolaba Beach
Early morning at Mooloolaba Beach

So anyways, I’m drafting this from the departure gates at Sunshine Coast Airport. The hubster and I have spent the weekend up here. It’s been an exhausting, interesting and emotionally draining couple of days, but also rewarding and resolving. I can’t wait until I can tell you more of what’s happening, but I’m censored for the next six weeks…apparently…until some unresolved crappy stuff is no longer unresolved.

Anyways, to the wrap-up:

What I learnt…

When we arrived in Mooloolaba on Friday, there was a strange muddy, reddy, browny colour rolling in on the waves at the northern end of Mooloolaba beach. By yesterday it had moved down to the southern end near the lighthouse. A local told us that it was most likely coral spawn. He also told us that it tends to happen once the majority of the whales finish moving through on their way south. Yet another cycle in nature. It was gone by Saturday.

What I craved…

I was having a major craving during the week for hainanese chicken rice. I found this one in the Hunter Arcade for $8.90. Bargain. And the chicken was soft and perfectly poached.


Where we lunched…

A trip to Mooloolaba would not be complete without a feed of fresh prawns down at the Spit. It was blowing a gale outside, so we took our prawns and oysters up to the Top Deck, bought a bottle of wine and settled in for a couple of hours.


What I read…

I devoured Love At First Flight, by Tess Woods. I’ve heard a lot about this book from the romance writing community, and this one is absolutely not a romance in the traditional sense. It is, however a love story- actually a few love stories. It’s also deeply uncomfortable. Essentially the blurb is Mel and Matt meet when seated together on a plane. They fall quickly and madly, intensely in love. The problem? Mel is married with children. To be honest, I’m not sure that I enjoyed it- but I couldn’t put it down. It was a little like watching an accident happen in slow motion – you knew what was coming, but are powerless to look away.

What I loved…

This avenue of weeping fig trees in Buderim. They were planted in 1903 as a grand avenue for what must have been a pretty special homestead on a farm owned by one of the founding families of the area. Anyways, they’re beautiful.


A random Mooloolaba photo…

I love this spot above the rocks at Mooloolaba Beach. When the sun hits it in late afternoon, it’s really quite something.

Late afternoon at Mooloolaba Beach
Late afternoon at Mooloolaba Beach


How was your week? Highlights?

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  1. We’ve had a heap of algae on the beach here in the last week. It wasn’t there a week or so ago, but when I went the other day it was everywhere. I guess it’ll disappear again soon….

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