Friday Five…


So anyways, I’ve been on a bit of a treasure hunt of sorts this week- looking for information. This whole research thing is, for me, an unfamiliar place to be- especially when it comes to writing.

You see, the sort of loosely based series of four (or maybe five) books set between Melbourne and Bali that I’d planned has skipped to number six. And it has nothing to do with Bali at all.

I’ll still do the others- in fact, I could yet swap back, but it feels a little right to be following my inspiration- at least for the time being. Besides, Mercury is retrograde (still), so no plans are set in stone.

This one, Finding John Smith, is also being referred to (by me) as the soccer book- even though I don’t really like soccer. Whatever… there are facts that I have to get right.

This week, I contacted the National Football Museum in Manchester to check on some information about the soccer pools in the late 70s and 80s. They’re still getting back to me. I happened to mention the problem to a sports loving colleague while we were waiting for a teleconference to start on Thursday morning, and by the time it was done- the meeting, that is- I had my answers. The random pieces of information that some people know continues to amaze me.

It’s been fun- and it’s reminded me just why I love writing and story telling, and winding something more interesting around the everyday.

Speaking of the everyday, to the five for this week…

What I bought…

In another teleconference this morning we were talking (rather randomly) about the principles of buy nothing October. I declared that I could probably achieve it easily- as long as food, eating out, wine and itunes and amazon were exempt. Then I thought a little harder.

I’m not a huge buyer of clothes. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin or with my size. Shopping for clothes tends to be something I do when I can no longer put it off. I enjoy looking at fashion, but dread the change rooms.

Yet this week I reluctantly admitted to some (ahem) suspension issues, so spent a small fortune on (ahem) bras that NASA could have engineered. Don’t worry, there are no photos.

A more enjoyable purchase was these- my new season havaianas. Oh, how I do love a pair of havis- and these are certainly very pretty.


What’s gone mad…

The daisies by my pool. I swear last week they looked sad. Yet now?


They’re loving the sunshine and have gone as mad as my dog after a haircut. Which segues me ever so effortlessly to…


What got clipped…

Kali the wonder spaniel. Her and I were rocking the same frizzy do and, while it sort of works on me…some of the time…at this time of the year on her, it’s just plain hot and heavy. Now she’s super spaniel as she leaps further and faster and higher.

It’s amazing the difference a haircut makes.


What I’m counting down to…

That flight to London. Just 36 more days.

What I’m cooking…

Pumpkin mac and cheese. This is the healthy version…because it has pumpkin in it, of course! If you’re interested, the recipe is here. Gluten and lactose intolerants- look away now…


Hoe was your week?

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  1. Awww… I kinda liked Kali’s luxurious mane. Poor thing. I need some new thongs for summer. I have a pair which has lasted at least two summers (the all-in-one type) and am due for some more. Those which have the detachable over-the-foot bit always break for me. Perhaps I’m not gentle enough with them. The molded all-in-one pair have survived me.

    And what a wonderful source of info colleagues are!

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