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London Day 6…

We had some friends coming up from Dorset to see us for the day. The type of friends where even though we hadn’t seen them since they left Australia four years ago, we could still pick right up with. There’s been a bit… Read More

London Day 5…

I’ve got into the habit of getting up early and ducking down to the sitting room to make a cup of coffee and catch up on emails and blog posts. This morning I overheard a conversation: Woman 1: I’m going to start… Read More

London Day 4…

Today we were off to the Tower and off to the theatre. Wanna know what we saw? I’ll give you a hint- the billboard tagline is Snowing me, Snowing you…. More on that later. First, it was off to the Tower of… Read More

London…Day 1

Oh. My. God. We’re finally here. It’s taken three weeks of touring around, but on Monday morning (after successfully removing roosting pheasants from the roof of our car) we navigated our way through the M4 traffic jams, into the city and, more… Read More

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